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  • I can call out an army of my own.
  • I strove to call out to her.
  • There was no one to call out to him.
  • Thad felt constrained to call out to him in warning.
  • How to call out statesmen and abolish demagogues?
  • Warrington never thought to call out for help.
  • She would never call out for help.
  • Should he call out and ask her to come back?
  • You say your men heard him call out for help.
  • The dead woman seemed to call out to him for revenge.
  • I heard a small voice call out my name.
  • Irritated, he did not hear her soul call out to him.
  • They seemed to call out to him to pause, to return.
  • And I was afraid to call out of the window.
  • Open the window and call out to her, Maria.
  • And it's their instinct to call out 'Come in!
  • The old skipper, Pierre, had begun to call out his orders.
  • I got Pippity to call out the alphabet while Grilly wrote.
  • He was about to call out to her when suddenly her camel stumbled.
  • You do not then call out your own strength, but only strengthen them.
  • I'll run down to the turning and call out to them.
  • You'll have to call out pretty loud.
  • She was afraid to call out and still more afraid to remain quiet.
  • I did call out loud," he cried.
  • Gordon heard him call out something, but he did not wait for his words.
  • Difficulties call out great qualities, and make greatness possible.
  • They saw nothing, for the brother did not call out the great snake.
  • They call out fresh talent, and give to the old a new direction.
  • So did Dorothy's heart call out to her.
  • From time to time he would call out the hour, like a watchman on a minaret.

How To Use Call Out In A Sentence?

  • Situations of the sort described tend to call out the reserve energies of a country.
  • Then the maidens call out to him, and now one and now the other invites him to come to her.
  • Jean caught herself just as her lips opened to call out to him in recognition and sharp reproach.
  • Their virtues they rarely can appreciate, and their vices they generally call out by their own.
  • A strange unreality which can call out such real and palpable effects as a compulsion symptom!
  • He also cautioned the prisoner not to call out if any one entered the upper cell.
  • The moment certainly was one to call out whatever brotherly feeling they possessed.
  • The conductor will call out the numbers in rotation, and if ours is among them we shall go.
  • He did not whistle to day, nor call out to his horse, but seemed very thoughtful and quiet.

Definition of Call Out

(transitive, idiomatic) To specify, especially in detail. | (transitive, idiomatic) To order into service; to summon into service. | (intransitive, transitive) To yell out; to vocalize audibly; announce.
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