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How To Use Call This In A Sentence?

  • I will call this the Corwrion version.
  • Do you call this unjust of God?
  • What do you call this vegetable in Malay?
  • See, my brothers, you call this tree his oak.
  • Did I call this house the second?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Call This | Call This Sentence

  • He did not call this evening.
  • We call this camping.
  • You will call this madness.
  • Coming to call this evening!
  • They call this a storm.
  • Do you call this far?
  • Call this a domestic comedy?
  • Some call this fatalism.
  • They call this civilizing the people!
  • There are some of us who call this freedom.
  • But why do we call this the most essential part?
  • Do you call this a game of chance?
  • Do our readers call this luck?
  • No reveille call this morning.
  • We call this criss-cross inheritance.
  • And you call this egotism by the name of love!
  • And we are insane enough to call this liberty!
  • Irene, do you call this home?
  • Call this color dull steel gray.
  • It will be convenient to call this the camp piquet.
  • He was invited to call this afternoon with his cousin.
  • I call this ingredient sense-awareness.
  • Shall we call this a kind of bastard-allegory?
  • But no one hesitates to call this the true color.
  • I do desire to call this spot home for always.
  • We call this the period of sowing wild oats.
  • I call this sermon nothing short of a masterpiece.
  • At first sight we should hardly call this an event.
  • I once heard a man call this age the age of demagogues.
  • We call this enlarged portion of the vein a blood tumor.
  • I call this consciousness innate, although it is acquired.
  • I don't call this wastin' time.
  • What do you call this House?
  • By what right do you call this gentleman 'papa'?
  • We, too, would call this an act of despair.
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