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  • Callahan, returning to his riddle about McCloud's job.
  • Mr. Callahan: (Burgess) "
  • Callahan crushed the tobacco under his thumb in the palm of his right hand. "

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  • The message was from Callahan with the news of the burning of Smoky Creek Bridge.
  • The stormy interview with Callahan and Blood at the Wickiup had taken place just a week before, and McCloud, after what Sinclair had then threatened, though not prepared, felt as he saw him that anything might occur.
  • At ten o'clock that night, the train reached Callahan, where the Coast Line crossed the Seaboard Air Line.
  • WILLIAM CALLAHAN, private, mustered in Aug. 15, 1862; mustered out with company May 24, 1863.
  • In June, 1865, another expedition left Minnesota for the west, under Colonel Callahan of Wisconsin, which went as far as Devil's lake.
  • Sinclair raised his hand, shook his long hair, and swore an oath against the company and the men that curled the very smoke in Callahan's pipe, Callahan, outraged at the insolence, sprang to his feet, resenting Sinclair's fury.
  • Callahan, the chess-player on the Overland lines, the man who could hold large combinations of traffic movement constantly in his head and by intuition reach the result of a given problem before other men could work it out, was, like Morris Blood, the master of tonnage, of middle age.
  • Personally, I am not sorry to say it, either," added Callahan, slowly filling the bowl of his pipe.
  • Wire Callahan and Morris Blood, and get everything you can for me before we start."
  • Callahan too was there with his pipe, and they talked quietly with Sinclair--reminded him of how often he had been warned, showed him how complete a record they had of his plundering, and Glover gave to him Bucks's final word that he could never again work on the mountain division.
  • "It's a lucky thing, because it won't do for a freight-traffic man, nowadays, to let his right hand know what his left hand does," observed Callahan, feeling for a match.
  • Rosie, won't you shake hands with my friend, Mr. Callahan, and Miss Higgins, and Miss McCarthy, and Miss Mahony, ..."
  • In his _Cuba and International Relations_, Mr. Callahan says: "Spain, after squandering a continent, had still clung tenaciously to Cuba; and the changing governments which had been born (in Spain) only to be strangled, held her with a taxing hand.
  • In his _Cuba and International Relations_, Mr. Callahan says: "The catalogue of irritating affairs in relation to Cuba, of which the _Virginius_ was only the culmination, might have been urged as sufficient to justify a policy of intervention to stop the stubborn war of extermination which had been tolerated by peaceful neighbors for five years.
  • In his book on _Cuba and International Relations_, Mr. Callahan summarizes his review of the official proceedings by saying that "the South did not want to see Cuba independent _without_ slavery, while the North did not want to annex it _with_ slavery."

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