Calling For In A Sentence

How To Use Calling For In A Sentence?

  • And all the while she might be calling for him and wondering why he did not come.
  • Men often fail from having adopted a calling for which they are entirely unfitted.
  • Publishers were calling for her work instead of sending it back when she sent it to them.
  • I am rather unprepared for the flattering compliment which you pay me in thus calling for me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Calling For | Calling For Sentence

  • It is the calling for a mate.
  • She is calling for her husband.
  • He is always calling for help.
  • We thought you were calling for help.
  • He was calling for us like a madman.
  • He was calling for all the men to prepare for battle.
  • I shall be reduced now to calling for help.
  • The herald is calling for the javelin-casting.
  • Thou art calling for uncertain aid.
  • Meanwhile the wireless operator had been calling for help.
  • Voices calling for mercy grew simply terrible.
  • To leave his high calling for mere business!
  • He would be on the screen now, calling for help.
  • They could hear him calling for volunteers to man the boat.
  • Calling for the guard, he ordered them to load their guns.
  • It was Dolly calling for help.
  • She kept calling for Ned.
  • It is calling for me, Oozizi.
  • It is calling for me now, Oozizi.
  • Mr. Anley was calling for the bill.
  • Mrs. Haller has been calling for you this half hour.
  • The Great Beast is calling for you.
  • Judge Maxwell went to the door, calling for Hiram.
  • Mrs. Ascott was very ill, and was calling for Elizabeth.
  • About noon Miss Leaf proposed calling for the hotel bill.
  • The lake is up, and calling for its victim. TELL.
  • I've been calling for them these ten minutes.
  • It is a matter calling for investigation and exemplary punishment.
  • I've been calling for a long time.
  • He was spilling golf clubs from a bag and calling for the steward.
  • Terrified, he had rushed to the hall calling for the servants.
  • Margery's voice calling for help from within?
  • He had heard the search party calling for him and had come out to meet them.
  • I see what they are up to; they're calling for help.
  • They say they have been calling for two hours without getting an answer.
  • The little boy nestled by her side sobbing and calling for his mother.

Definition of Calling For

present participle of call for
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