Calling Her In A Sentence

How To Use Calling Her In A Sentence?

  • The glamour of calling her my very own was somewhat obscured by the bridal adornment being shorn.
  • It did surprise her a little that her mistress lay so quiet all the time without calling her.
  • Then she sat up in bed calling her husband, who had just awakened too and sprung out of bed.
  • Then she heard him calling her impatiently, as was his wont, from the foot of the stairs.
  • She had turned from him and was hurrying toward the villa, but he followed her, calling her name.
  • Then the cook, hearing her mistress calling her, started for the house in a hurry.
  • He just spoke to her as he passed her, calling her by her Christian name as he did so.
  • The path was lined with lilacs in full bloom, and a robin in a tree near by was calling her mate.
  • Still she could not leave him alone without calling her mother or Nora to watch what he did.
  • But at that moment came the voice of the Tory calling her and the tramp of feet on the porch.
  • She flung herself upon the body of Kotzebue, calling her father with piercing cries.
  • Right athwart the Gap, peering into it, shining-eyed and splendid, lay the sea, calling her.
  • Her real name was Winifred Power, but Lambro would persist in calling her Jacintha.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Calling Her | Calling Her Sentence

  • Someone was calling her.
  • Some one was calling her.
  • Of his calling her back, if he did not understand?
  • Was her aunt calling her to tell the good news?
  • She plunged into the forest, calling her daughter.
  • Sophy said, calling her by her old childish name.
  • Her father had opened her door, and stood calling her.
  • Think of the impudence of calling her Lila!
  • It was Will calling her name.
  • To all of which Sedgwick responded by calling her an angel.
  • Sange Moarte was right in calling her a fairy.
  • She heard voices about her and thought that they were calling her to be free.
  • She was re-reading the letter that began by calling her wife.
  • They were never done calling her on the stage after the curtain had fallen.
  • She knew it was calling her home; but how could she leave her basket!
  • She knew it was calling her home; but how could she leave her basket?
  • Her throat was hoarse with calling, her eyes dazzled by straining.
  • Wouldn't thank you for calling her old, either.
  • She heard her father's voice calling her, and she went in.
  • She lost no time in calling her husband, who was still lying in bed.
  • They ran after her, calling her bad names, but they could not overtake her.
  • He halted a moment, in surprise at finding her there, calling her by name.
  • That hope, that joyous hope, of calling her mine shall buoy me up no more.
  • One of them seized my sister by the arm, calling her the slave of the Austrian.
  • She kept calling her Bessie the week that she wished to be known as Marion.
  • Not that one would insult old Lady Barborough by calling her clean.
  • So engrossed was she that she didn't at first hear grandma calling her.
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