Calmed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Calmed | Calmed Sentence

  • Then he calmed himself.
  • Jervaise was calmed by this outburst.
  • I paused until he had calmed himself.
  • She had calmed down while he talked.
  • But she calmed herself and resumed.
  • Perhaps it was only that it calmed my mind.
  • He calmed her and himself by this banal welcome.
  • Henry at once calmed down and took a grip on himself.
  • The tempest calmed and strengthened her.
  • A ball always calmed me.
  • The very regularity of motion calmed her.
  • Each passed from it calmed and cheerful.
  • The thought of it composed and calmed her.
  • His mind was much calmed by this meeting.
  • I calmed me then, not to grieve them.
  • His voice and touch calmed her a little.
  • However, in the end she calmed herself.
  • The sight of them and the sound of their voices calmed her.
  • And then a gush of pity calmed his mind.
  • In half an hour the drug had calmed him.
  • His sudden fury calmed his brother.
  • Perhaps his deliberate detailed speech calmed her.
  • Soon the multitude calmed down and laughed, too.
  • As he expected, the shock calmed her.
  • The splendid proportions of the room calmed his senses.
  • The sight of his fair young face calmed her at once.
  • When he calmed down somewhat, he explained.
  • By the second day the duke was a little calmed down.
  • Esther stood looking, and her heart calmed down.
  • Then the man calmed down, apparently whipped.
  • Fatigue calmed his nerves, and a clear purpose emerged.
  • The keeper laid down his pole, and calmed the crowd.
  • This calmed Augustus a little.
  • He soon calmed down, however, on reaching home.
  • Miss Pewsey rose, much excited; then calmed down.

How To Use Calmed In A Sentence?

  • Storm calmed by St. Mark.
  • This allusion to the Herberts suddenly calmed Plantagenet.
  • When Von Barwig saw that he was observed, he calmed down.
  • The man calmed down as if a bucket of water had been thrown on him.
  • She calmed herself with an effort and began to read the letter.

Definition of Calmed

simple past tense and past participle of calm
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