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  • But the paroxysm calms down.
  • In the calms of a heavenly place.
  • She rises and attends the injured and calms the terrified.
  • Do you know how the look of sunlight on a land calms one?
  • On the other hand, spiritual life calms while it fills.
  • In the dead calms I shuddered at the howling of winds.
  • But there is something about the intoning of the psalms that calms the mind.
  • Needlework is good for all of us; it rests and calms the mind.
  • The light winds and baffling calms kept both fleets idle for a day.

How To Use Calms In A Sentence?

  • The only thing that calms the great artist is the arrival of one of her favorite actresses.
  • Storms and winds and calms are not accidents, but are brought about by antecedent circumstances.
  • Hence our emotion in presence of the truly beautiful, which calms and exalts us.
  • We flew it in calms and we flew it in winds as high as thirty-five miles an hour.
  • The poor sailor is in tropical latitudes; deep, breathless calms have prevailed for weeks.
  • As they approached the African coast, alternate fogs and calms delayed their progress somewhat.
  • Owing to the fact that the air rises in the heated zone there is always a region of calms at this point where there is no wind and no rain.
  • But when the weather calms down and the waves once more grow less, she comes to life again, and is then well and rested.
  • Seized by one of these singular calms which will sometimes occur in cases of the greatest despair, he returned towards the ball-room.
  • Fair winds and calms have alternated since then, but this evening we are within 20 miles, and hope soon to get into port.
  • Notwithstanding the depth of the channels between the first of these islands, these seas, which are subject both to calms and hurricanes are not without danger.
  • There are two other regions of calms in the ocean, one at the north at the tropic of Cancer and another at the south near the tropic of Capricorn.
  • In this emergency, he has recourse to Gregory, who, by an eloquent letter, calms the indignant Hungarian.
  • Although the pilots tell us that this is a good time to sail in a southeast direction, they cannot deny that they endure very great hardships from the calms caused by the bonanzas.
  • It does not abolish the difference between friend and foe, between truth and falsehood, between reason and nonsense, but calms the fanaticism which exaggerates those distinctions.
  • The northern portion of the continent extends into the little known polar region of prevailingly low barometrical pressure, where midsummer and midwinter calms normally prevail.

Definition of Calms

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of calm | plural of calm
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