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How To Use Calves In A Sentence?

  • His calves would only do what he counselled; wherefore the harpers and musicians had a proverb.
  • Many thousand calves are lost in this way, the owner never suspecting the cause.
  • Great care, therefore, must be taken by the breeder when his calves are weaned.
  • The black calves carried away their immaculate living burden, set above all earthly ties.
  • I allow my calves to suckle till October, and the late ones two or three months longer.
  • As Rob had surmised, four calves remained inside, too young to follow their mothers over the wall.
  • Four calves were grazing under the shade of the trees and black hens were wandering all about the enclosure.
  • They lost all their interest in the buffalo calves now that their brightest dreams of owning ponies of their own were realized.
  • And they killed all but two of our thirty cows; we'd raised them ourselves from calves up.
  • Four calves were grazing under the shade of the trees, and black hens were wandering all about the enclosure.
  • Jhore in his explorations found a number of buffaloe calves left behind by their mothers who had gone to graze.
  • The bear does not run large as a rule, but he has a weakness for swine and calves which brings punishment.
  • When the calves are taken from their dams there is the greatest danger of garget, and this is always an anxious time with the breeder.
  • Shorty turned around and backed up to him so that the calves of their legs touched, and began intently studying his gunlock.
  • His legs are generally straight; the thighs and calves are those of a prime pedestrian accustomed to long and frequent walks.
  • We knew she had no calf, because she was light in color: cows suckling calves are of a darker shade.
  • Apart from a few stomach-aches and two or three gnawing pains in the calves of your legs, aging was a most alluring process.
  • Cattle were stampeded by day, calves trampled to death, and steers scattered far and wide over the prairie.
  • Knee-breeches dressed his shapely legs, while fine silk stockings and buckled shoes displayed his well-turned calves and ankles.
  • Gaunt cattle lowed in the hollows and spring calves staggered about, gazing at this new world with round, staring eyes.
  • The calves were taken to the water, bathed, brought back, and their stall cleaned and swept as usual without his seeing who did it.
  • At his annual sales his bull calves bring high prices; for some as much as sixty, eighty, and a hundred guineas each have been paid.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Calves | Calves Sentence

  • When the cow calves the danger is over.
  • My calves soon grew to know me.
  • The open strawyard for calves is of great importance.
  • The donkey fell to a small boy, the calves to a peasant.
  • Calf-ward, grazing plot for calves (i.e., churchyard).
  • GOLDEN calves were worshipped by men of old.
  • Just sneaked quietly up behind and nipped him in both calves and ran off.
  • She had come out to look at one of the calves they intended selling.
  • Either the calves or the boys take it, or the marches are too much for them.
  • He left the pasture gate open so that the calves got into the garden.
  • I met him in the front yard where we keep the calves and let the sheep run.
  • I figure you've saved a dozen calves by killin' that kitty-cat.
  • I began biting at her ankles ... at the calves of her legs ...
  • Anybody could see that the calves were part longhorn and part Hereford!
  • The ducks in the water pass The calves scamper through the grass.
  • Those with calves darkly suspected Calhoun of designs upon their offspring.
  • Shall I come before him with burnt-offerings, With calves a year old?
  • Varicose veins, o'-pat, are not uncommon on the calves of both men and women.

Definition of Calves

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of calve | plural of calf
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