Calypso in a sentence

Definition of Calypso

(intransitive) To perform calypso. | A bulbous bog orchid of the genus Calypso, Calypso bulbosa | A light blue color. (Can we add an example for this sense?)

Short Example Sentence for Calypso

  • 1. Take, for instance, the life with Calypso and with Circe.
  • 2. Music that might have charmed Calypso and her nymphs, is his.
  • 3. DAVID H. Calypso Island.
  • 4. Pendant qu'il parlait, Calypso regardait Mentor.
  • 5. The Island of Calypso and the shipwreck on the coast of Phaeocia.
  • 6. KELLER, DAVID H. Calypso Island.

How to use Calypso in a Sentence?

  • 1. Through meditations patient and prolonged Calypso had succeeded in adding coquetry to love.
  • 2. Therefore the interference of Hermes between Odysseus and Calypso is full of significance.
  • 3. The humble fisher lass upon the rock, Into Calypso of the shining hair, love-born!
  • 4. The deduction is so pleasant that the views of the saint concerning Circe and Calypso would be of interest.
  • 5. How, then, can Calypso be anything else than death, as she dwells there in her cave, by the shores of the sea?