Came Home In A Sentence

How To Use Came Home In A Sentence?

  • Esther came home for the long vacation.
  • Lucia came home late in the evening.
  • What would father say when he came home?
  • The occupants of that next room came home.
  • Rawlins came home with the victorious army only to die.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Came Home | Came Home Sentence

  • They came home with me at once.
  • But she nevermore came home.
  • I came home immediately before.
  • Men from the front came home.
  • I was with mother when they came home.
  • War never came home to her.
  • Father came home from work!
  • Hilary came home late.
  • They came home enchanted.
  • He came home in despair.
  • With that the king came home.
  • We came home very tired.
  • We came home into a cloud here.
  • Jem came home while they were still talking.
  • Mother came home to prepare for the funeral.
  • And they came home as if no evil had happened to them.
  • I am very glad you came home with the girls.
  • In the evening the panther came home.
  • About candlelight we came home from this excursion.
  • He came home poor and in tatters.
  • Then the dreadful fact came home to me.
  • He came home and did not tell his wife where he had been.
  • James only came home by fits and starts.
  • Diana was talking to me after we came home from our ride.
  • They came home with the quarrel at its height.
  • Oliver came home last night.
  • One day she came home very angry.
  • He came home and went to bed.
  • I had time to think it all over before you came home.
  • And the girl came home with her baby.
  • Mademoiselle came home from school for the holidays.
  • The reminder came home to me as a reproach.
  • She came home quite proud of herself.
  • I came home sick of wars.
  • I was amazed to find how it came home to me.
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