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How To Use Came In A Sentence?

  • Judith came back with the spool and a yellow envelope which she had signed for.
  • Later on came the turn of the infantry at what must have been unpleasantly close quarters.
  • Then she disappeared for a moment and came back with a thermometer and an alcohol bottle.
  • The thought of suicide, and with it the instinctive shrinking from it, came into his mind again.
  • He came in about nine, took a cup of coffee from the counter, and settled himself for a snooze.
  • I used to see ladies, who came in for a quiet cup of tea, glancing sidelong at him.
  • My commanding officer came to see how I was getting on and caught sight of the prisoner.
  • When Patricia came back with the steaming pitcher, she had finished her investigations.
  • Kublai Khan came with his Mongol fleet, but was repulsed with loss, and branded as a felon.
  • Close to the village we came upon our enemy's camp standing as they had left it in the morning.
  • The first guests came in a straggling fashion, and then suddenly everyone seemed to be rushing in at once.
  • Rosamond was so much prettier than Patricia had been picturing her that she fairly beamed as she came to greet her.
  • Patricia, with her disquiet mood still hovering about her, came over to the table to watch him begin operations.
  • For the little columns came pouring in day after day, bringing all sorts of folk who were pining for their letters.
  • Patricia thought it safe to hint at something that might be in sight if she came to the dance on Friday.
  • It was in the most unexpected way and it came from a quarter that caused Patricia to believe in modern miracles.
  • Then an artist came into the neighbourhood, the two became friends, and went together on a long sketching tour.
  • She came straight over to us and shook hands as tight as Constance does, and then she introduced us to all the people there.
  • By this means he came to believe that the scheme of the Arminians could not be maintained, and his faith in it was gradually undermined.
  • Harding came behind; I was speaking to him, and he said something which struck me as being very true.
  • She saw that Constance was not too much deceived, and to turn the talk she seized the first thing that came into her mind.
  • For after emerging from the pine forest a few miles below Dhota we came on to a hillside on which grew ever so little of the deadly aconite plant.
  • It clothes man, as he came from the hand of his Maker, with the glorious attributes of freedom; but to what end?
  • Patricia came out from that interview so bewildered yet so happy that she forgot completely about questioning the teacher as to Rosamond Merton.
  • Then the madness of good fortune came upon him suddenly; he could think no more of Rose, and had to go for a long walk in the streets.
  • The case of the mule and his attendant came before the Government of India a few years ago, who decided to improve their status.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Came | Came Sentence

  • He usually came late.
  • And then she came back to the bedroom.
  • Last but not least came the transport.
  • Maids came and went across the courtyard.
  • Then came the process of breaking the news to my wife.
  • She came over and cuddled down beside Patricia.
  • If anything ever came between us it would kill me....
  • II Rose often came to see Hubert in his rooms.
  • Another pleasant surprise came as they were settling themselves at the table.
  • He came to the dressing-room door and presented me with a telegram.
  • My wife came to the top of the road that leads to the plains to see me off.
  • The girl came out, and her expression was heightened into positive radiance.
  • Suddenly the order came that we were to march to Lhassa forthwith.
  • At that Constance came back into the room and closed the door.

Definition of Came

Used to indicate that the following event, period, or change in state occurred in the past, after a time of waiting, enduring, or anticipation | simple past tense of come | simple past tense of cum
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