Camels In A Sentence

How To Use Camels In A Sentence?

  • But no sooner had the camels swallowed a little dhurra than we were up and off again.
  • So plentiful are they that even donkeys and camels are fed on dates in some districts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Camels | Camels Sentence

  • Already most of the camels had moved on.
  • The camels were some days out.
  • Now there were wagons and camels and horses.
  • More than thirty camels were dead.
  • Our camels and ourselves now began to suffer.
  • The camels were a great attraction.
  • More than thirty camels were dead.
  • We had three camels for our baggage.
  • Christians and camels receive their burdens kneeling.
  • You tails of camels with your monkey faces!
  • Some of the camels seemed to be carrying loads.
  • The camels did not get away this time.
  • A great many camels and horses perished.
  • Both camels are dead, and our provisions are exhausted.
  • He is staring across the desert the way that the camels go.
  • So the two thousand camels swung out on the homeward trail.
  • The three camels have not yet been recovered. .
  • A command and the camels rose, mouthing their complaints.
  • These Touareg camels are of the very best race.
  • Aoob: The camels are rising.
  • By what people were camels first brought into Gaul?
  • It is the shadows of the camels moving towards Mecca.
  • The cigar man tosses you a package of Camels as you enter.
  • To him the camels were nothing in the face of such necessity.
  • There by the desert's edge where the camels are?
  • The food of the camels was too poor for the work they had to perform.
  • Beale used camels on this expedition and considered them a success.
  • The number of camels was not sufficient for the necessities of the transport.
  • You have all these things put on the camels again, and clear out!
  • We had to do it, as the necessary camels had simply not been available.
  • Their camels were in the background, and they were hurrying to join them.
  • It yielded fifteen thousand camels and an unnamed multitude of horses.
  • We have six camels and twelve horses in good working condition.
  • As the camels were kneeling to be unloaded, a shout went up.
  • A large number of camels and pack-horses completed the caravan.
  • A large number of camels and pack-horses closed the procession.
  • We had to halt frequently, as the camels were so heavily laden.
  • Tents were pitched, and the camels and horses fastened around.

Definition of Camels

plural of camel
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