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  • Write anyway for descriptive circulars that will be of great interest to every camera user.
  • With this camera you can make enlargements of any size with either daylight or artificial light.
  • The tube is equipped with a mounting bezel to accept a camera or photomultiplier device.
  • You and your camera want to remind a fellow constantly of events that ought to be forgotten.
  • Bonaventura nel segreto della sua camera da studio, avrebbe durato fatica a riconoscerlo.
  • A rifle, with a bottle attached used for a liquid level, was sighted from a camera tripod.
  • I saw Dunn throwing his camera into the air, in the forefront of the seething crowd.
  • And Will came crawling hastily forth, of course clutching his beloved camera in his hand.
  • Frank was first on hand, as usual, but even laggard Will showed up on time, camera and all.
  • Pochi minuti dopo, Lorenzo entrava nella camera della fanciulla, colle labbra composte a sorriso.
  • By means of this lamp and his regular camera any amateur is equipped to make enlargements on bromide paper.
  • The reflecting cone supplied with each camera distributes the light evenly over the entire surface of the negative.
  • You may have wondered at the realism of those blizzard scenes, and you may have been curious to know how the camera got the effect.
  • From that point the camera operates automatically, taking a series of overlapping pictures of the country it looks down upon.
  • Then, bethinking himself of what a magnificent picture he was losing, he took several steps in the direction of the spot where his camera lay.
  • Will always carried a piece of waterproof cloth, to be used for wrapping around his precious camera on occasions when it was threatened with rain.
  • Burns and the camera man walked down toward the stables, studying the bluff and the immediate surroundings, and still talking together.
  • Will, still hugging his precious camera to his heart as he followed in Frank's wake.
  • Such a camera is adapted for reducing as well as enlarging, and so will be found useful for lantern slide making, copying, etc.
  • Si spese qualche minuto in inchini e in vigorose strette di mano, e poi fummo invitati a vedere la camera degli sposi.
  • A simple form of the camera obscura (dark chamber) is a box furnished with a lens whose focal length is equal to the length and height of the box.
  • Lite rode close to the camera and looked straight at her, and Jean bit her lips sharply as tears stung her lashes for some inexplicable reason.
  • Anche quella mattina Beatus stette nella sua camera per sviluppare questi appunti, ma non ci riuscì.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Camera | Camera Sentence

  • Should like to have a camera with me.
  • Travers got a camera from a fraternity brother.
  • And they both looked round for the camera man.
  • Say, you drop it the second the camera starts.
  • She registered another sob which the camera never got.
  • The camera fell in a smashed heap, unregarded.
  • How can I make a cheap camera obscura?
  • He had Pete Lowry, his camera man, in the seat beside him.
  • A reconnaissance camera has very little in common with a kodak.
  • When he was ready, with his camera focused, he waved his arm as a signal.
  • The camera was in pro-British hands every minute of the time.
  • Salt Sommers, camera box slung over his shoulder, went over and spoke to her.
  • Or, The First Tour of the Rod, Gun and Camera Club.
  • Converts any Camera into an Enlarging Lantern without the use of Condensers.
  • I believe he'd rather snap off his old camera than eat, any day.
  • She looked straight into the camera and spoiled the rest, or I'd let it go in.

Definition of Camera

A device for taking still or moving pictures or photographs. | (computer graphics, video games) The viewpoint in a three-dimensional game or simulation. | A vaulted room.
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