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  • Chicago, campaign to purify primaries in, 121, 122.
  • I had various preparations to make and a plan of campaign to settle.
  • And then began an organized campaign to locate the monster cannon.
  • When I was a recruit we went on a campaign to the village of Tachi.
  • That, we know, is exactly what the War Party expected the campaign to be.

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  • The organizers replied by launching a vigorous campaign to get them into the unions.
  • This summer we are having a campaign to save the lives of a hundred thousand children.
  • He explained his plan of campaign to his party and took up his post at the foot of the V.
  • It has been the custom during the Suffrage campaign to pretend that women demand merely the vote.
  • I thank you for the honour you have done me in coming here to listen to the opening speech of my campaign to-night.
  • It requires a special campaign to deal with the lice, but the campaign seems to be carried on with vigour.
  • The league conducted a campaign to educate the masses in regard to housing, and payment of exorbitant rents was discouraged.
  • Consider the situation faced by the unions in the campaign to organize the Chicago packing houses in 1917-18.
  • He accredited the loss of the campaign to the prevailing wickedness, but was unwilling to admit that the Southern troops were more religious.
  • The Englishmen hesitated, as if it were not right for official enemies, in the height of a hot campaign, to part in such a manner.
  • Fitzfaddle, in contemplation of the past, and Mrs. Fitz fortifying herself for the opening of a campaign to come.
  • When Mr. Forbes began his campaign to restore the homesteads to their former beauty and dignity, a cry was raised against him.
  • In Chicago a campaign to purify the primaries had been carried on by the political committee of the Civic Federation.
  • An effort was made to meet this by calling conferences and by giving publicity to the launching of a campaign to make unfair settlements and other such grievances unpopular.
  • Meanwhile Bragg had brought the campaign to a close among the eastern tributaries by a daring, though abortive, march on Nashville.
  • This campaign to dispose of the five-twenties was the turning-point in war finance, and later borrowings encountered no such difficulties as those of 1862 and 1863.
  • It behooved us by giving up submarine campaign to appeal to moral sense of world; for issue of the war could never be finally decided by armies but only by peace of understanding.
  • In that case, if we were to reopen the submarine campaign to bring England to her knees, the situation would at least be more favorable to us than before.
  • Miles was about to leave for the Pine Ridge Agency, and take command of the campaign to put down the Indians.
  • The "strategic arm," as the cavalry has been styled, has been called upon, during the present campaign, to face difficulties which have been almost unknown in former campaigns.
  • He also learnt full particulars of the route followed and of the halting places, and it was his final plan of campaign to waylay his lordship on the road, and, unashamed, to rob him of the articles desired.
  • I'll tell you why I'm in this campaign: to catch Douglas now, and keep him out of the White House in 1860.
  • Your most astute strategist is the general ready, at any stage of the campaign, to authorize a complete change of plan, if the circumstances call for it, and to make for the end in view along wholly altered lines.
  • He didn't bother to tell her that already the greater part of his small fortune had been siphoned off in Freddy Soligen's campaign to make him a celebrity.
  • If word got out that a nationwide crackdown was coming, the hackers might simply vanish; destroy the evidence, hide their computers, go to earth, and wait for the campaign to blow over.
  • He further levied a tribute of corn for the benefit of the goddess Nina and her consort Ningirsu, and applied the spoils of the campaign to the building of new sanctuaries for the patron-gods of his city.
  • It was a victory due to better planning and better gunnery, and it led to the immediate retreat of Prevost, who tamely abandoned the whole campaign, to the intense mortification of his officers and men.
  • I had seen the Duke frequently on our parades in England; but even the brief campaign had bronzed his cheek, and given him the air which it requires a foreign campaign to give.
  • His eager leadership of the ill-fated campaign to save his beloved Hetch-Hetchy Valley from commercial destruction seriously interrupted his labors.
  • He and Lil were working a full-time campaign to recruit the ad-hoc to our cause, and I started to feel like we were finally in harmony, about to reach our goal.
  • It taught the British so much respect for the Americans, intrenched behind works, that their subsequent operations were retarded with a caution that wasted away a whole campaign to very little purpose.
  • Then he mounted his horse and rode back to Fort Strother, determined to collect what force he could without delay, and by vigorous measures to bring the campaign to a speedy and successful end.
  • Rattazzi announced the coming campaign to the Chambers on the 14th of March; the news was well received; there was a general feeling that, whatever happened, the present situation could not be prolonged.
  • And Dewhurst had been for twenty years the centre of that campaign to lower the colours of the English thoroughbred, which Ikey Aaronsohnn had embarked upon in his unforgotten youth.
  • With the Verdun offensive over, the German soldiers struggling on the Ridge had a revelation which was translated into a feeling that censorship could not stifle of the failure of the campaign to crush France.
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