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  • There was no more use in camping on that veranda.
  • The camping place was an old one.
  • What more likely than that others are camping there also?
  • Much information about camping and outdoor life.
  • We returned the next day to our camping ground.
  • The children were having great fun camping with grandpa.
  • It looked like a flash-light of our camping ground.
  • A group of huntsmen were camping on the Ohio river.
  • The place of their camping seemed to Rhoda damp and cold.
  • Tis time," He said, "to think of camping now.
  • We suppose you don't object to our camping beside you.
  • Hitherto, none of the men had had any experience in camping in the open.
  • It would be glorious camping in the desert on a night like this ...
  • We had a camping outfit, and determined to sleep in no house while absent.
  • I heard you were camping here, so I borrowed a boat and rowed over.
  • At evening on the 7th, we were camping on the broad prairie near Cheyenne.
  • After another wet night on another wet camping ground, we marched into Phari.
  • Several of us were camping once in the woods north of Lake Superior.
  • At last the day came when the Curlytops were to go camping on Star Island.
  • Wife's away to Bar Harbor for the summer, and I'm camping out in a hotel.

How To Use Camping In A Sentence?

  • It was well to be seen that this one did not wish to have its camping ground divulged.
  • When the camping place would be reached at nightfall the first care went to the horse.
  • Natalie insisted on camping early; for it had been a gruelling afternoon on Garth.
  • The next morning they started for home, camping at the same place on the Walnut.
  • Then he told Bob to remain by the dogs while he and Matuk looked for a sheltered camping place.
  • We are all agreed that we have had enough of hotels, while camping will be a new and delightful experience.
  • None of them knew what a queer part that fallen star was to have in the lives of those who were shortly to go camping on the island.
  • On the morning of the 18th we got away from our camping thicket of poplars long before the break of day.
  • The children felt glad and happy that they had come camping with their grandpa, and they knew that the best fun was yet to happen.
  • Bill paddled leisurely, camping early and sitting late over his camp-fire smoking many pipefuls of tobacco.
  • Then we can reach our old camping ground the next day and get the tent up and our wood cut and maybe even catch some fish before dark.
  • Since he and his sister had gone camping with Grandpa Martin they were braver than they used to be.
  • And Pratt thinks that his uncle gave instructions to the men at the house to prevent camping either on his ground or on the island.
  • Collie was assembling bits and bridles, saddles, cinchas, and spurs, to complete an equipment for the proposed camping trip in the hills.
  • An account of the adventures of a five months' camping trip in the Sierras of California.
  • Motorists and others who bring camping equipment with them will find that these campgrounds are attractive places in which to enjoy life in the open.
  • Not far from the river, on an open eminence, we passed through the recently deserted camping place of an Osage war party.
  • Our first stop was at Big Springs camping ground, where we made preparations for refreshing ourselves and spending the night.
  • At dawn you will find the Athenians and Spartans alone near their old camping ground, their allies straggling in the rear.
  • When you got off the train that day it rattled me a confounded lot to see that your camping togs were cut out of exactly the same piece of cloth that mine were.

Definition of Camping

present participle of camp | (uncountable) The recreational activity of temporarily living in a tent or similar accommodation, usually in the wilderness. | (countable) The act of setting up a camp.
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