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  • If you can improve the appearance of our clocks, you will be doing Pilgrim a service.
  • He lies awake all night, thinking how he can improve upon every device and patent in sight.
  • Make out a timetable for yourself and see how you can improve it and how long you can stick to its use.
  • He knew that no parties can improve the center of a block without benefiting the corners.
  • If any man knows how he can improve the welfare of his fellows, it is his duty to spread the information.
  • So the perfumer can improve on the natural or rather the distilled oil by leaving out part of the paraffin and adding the missing alcohol.
  • You can improve on that; it must be done lightly and quickly, just touching the tips of your fingers to the rock.
  • It is blasphemous of you to claim that man can improve the works of God as they appear in nature.
  • Do not think, after a few days' study, as many do, that you can improve the language.
  • On the whole, it is better not to disturb the amiable delusions of our fellow-men, unless we are certain that we can improve them.
  • Many wish to know what we are going to do now with Latin, or history, and how we can improve the method of teaching in this or that particular.
  • Take things as they are; if you can improve them, well and good; if not, let it pass; forget it; eat a good meal and go to sleep.
  • Many an oarsman who by honest tugging can improve the go of an eight-oar will do more harm than good in a light four, and will be simply helpless in a racing pair.
  • Nothing but an earlier discipline can improve us; for so habitual is debt, that the boy who forestals his pocket-money uses it as a step-ladder to mortgaging his estate.
  • You will have a chance to see much that every one wishes to see, and you can improve yourself in your music, and learn a language or two; and you can help me to do the same.
  • Whatever of wise supervision the soul may need, it is certain it can never be over-exposed, or that, being exposed, anything else in the world can improve the result or quicken it.
  • Yet, O Lord, forbid that we should remain satisfied with any portion, which our best effort, with Thine assistance, can improve.
  • But I fervently wished to rid myself of these glasses ever since I heard that with eye exercises one can improve one's eyesight.
  • But at least even if Hal can improve on my tale I have demonstrated one thing and that is that I have remembered you whenever I have seen anything I thought you would be interested in.
  • Humus can improve many aspects of soil but will not reduce a garden's overall need for irrigation, because it is simply not practical to maintain sufficient humus deeply enough.
  • Sunday dawned bright and clear, one of those superlative days which Bermuda produces now and then as an aggravation to her departing visitors, and to demonstrate that she herself can improve even upon her own perfection.
  • Then it is utterly impossible that the unconverted--the unregenerate can improve himself or make himself fit for God.
  • And again, 'No man can improve an original invention; nor can an original invention exist without execution, organized, delineated and articulated either by God or man ...
  • Without a due concurrence of circumstances no mind can improve itself into a state susceptible of spiritual happiness: and is not the disposition and pre-arrangement of circumstances as dependent on the divine will as those spiritual influences which the Methodist holds to be meant by the word grace?
  • If you have noted a weak point of your opponent's and it does not admit of a strong, clear reply, take it out of your pile and place it separately so that it may be returned if you can improve it sufficiently, or finally rejected and left unused if you cannot.
  • And I believe, as science teaches us, that this has been so far effected, and will be further effected henceforward, by an increased activity of those nobler portions of us which have been developed as it were by their own activity; I believe, in short, that we can improve only by becoming more and more different from the original brutes that we were.
  • On the other hand, by carefully training your muscles and your heart and your lungs by exercises of various sorts in the open air, beginning with easy ones and going on to harder and longer ones, you can "improve your wind," so that your heart will be able to pump more blood through the lungs per minute, and your lungs will be able to expand themselves more fully and more rapidly without fatigue.
  • But, if we can improve our taste by looking at, and studying the pictures of Guido, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Durer, Hans Holbein, or Hogarth; why will we spend our precious time in looking at poor pictures, or reading through very little sense?
  • As Clara Kathleen Rogers expresses it, "Attack the tone badly, and nothing can improve it afterwards."
  • You can improve your business; you can send out more boats and do what you have been hankering after for a long time now, establish a floating station for your fleet."
  • I do not think we can improve on the president's suggestion, but," and he turned to Gard sternly, "I trust
  • While she was at work packing she planned for my summer,--that I'm to invite Mademoiselle Durand to go traveling with me, so I can improve my French at the same time as give that poor hard-working creature a real vacation and treat.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Can Improve | Can Improve Sentence

  • If you think you can improve on my plans, go ahead.
  • Step by step he can improve in ability and increase his income.
  • No pen can improve this story; it is so simple, so natural, so child-like.
  • Who can improve on the sagacity and worldly wisdom of the Proverbs of Solomon?
  • See here, and here, and here are places you can improve it."
  • That's better, but we can improve that yet."
  • "Let me see if I can improve matters.
  • "I can pick out a number of places where I can improve in my gestures.
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