Can Look In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Can Look | Can Look Sentence

  • We can look after them.
  • You can look after things here.
  • I can look up on the balcony.
  • Nothing can look nicer.
  • Ye can look at those people.
  • One can look at it in no other light.
  • That one can look out for himself.
  • Who can look into the future?
  • You can look in if you like.
  • You can look right down into the river.
  • You can look in my box it you like.
  • Yes, we can look it up.
  • I can look beyond to other things.
  • I can look on and learn to understand it.
  • You can look at my books if you like.
  • I wonder you can look me in the face.
  • You can look upon our engagement as being of that order.
  • I know his orderly can look after him all right.
  • I can look with more steadiness into future events.
  • They pass before one can look round.
  • To-morrow afternoon you can look at the house.
  • You are looking about as ill as a man can look.
  • Who can look into your heart and read your thoughts?
  • You can look within at the merry company.
  • You can look straight at them, and not see them at all.
  • I shall be a man who can look men in the face again.
  • At the end of the week can look at objects while walking.
  • Thus seated, you can look about at your ease.
  • You can look me up in a book, if you like.
  • What man can look in her eyes and ask less?
  • I say that a wall can look well even if not decorated.
  • You ought to see how far you can look across the country.
  • I can look with no indifferent eye upon things or persons.
  • You can look a long way out....
  • Besides, who can look at you, and not mean honourably?

How To Use Can Look In A Sentence?

  • I can look to God for guidance.
  • Few, indeed, can look steadily at their own times.
  • Oh, I can look out for myself.
  • Come over here and sit on the bed where I can look at you.
  • Ah me, how dread can look the Dead!
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