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  • All making the very most they can of it.
  • Ernie sipped his can of beer.
  • He picked up a can of tomatoes.
  • Get all you can of it into those flabby bellows of yours.
  • We had a large can of fine mussels.
  • He paid for the can of spirit and left the shop.
  • He was the young man who had clutched the can of beans.
  • His eyes fell on a can of mustard and he seized that.
  • That is a nice quart can of metal polish.
  • A large can of tobacco was on a wooden box.
  • But you never can, of course.
  • A can of oil to build yer fire with?
  • A can of canned peas with indicating label 4.
  • Stew 1/2 a can of mushrooms in 1 oz.
  • Strain from a quart can of tomatoes one cupful of water.
  • Add sugar to taste and 1 pint can of peaches.
  • Hence the crackers and can of corned beef came in handy.
  • Disabuse her, if you can, of any caprice for me.
  • He said he would if he could, and he can of course.
  • Then a can of corn was opened, to be heated in a saucepan.
  • They can, of course, have other uses.
  • Drinking a can of condensed milk between us, we pushed on.
  • The butter on the toast can, of course, be omitted.
  • It can, of course, be used as a beverage or in cooking.
  • Of this we can, of course, judge better later on.
  • Smaller vessels can, of course, go anywhere.
  • I had seen the canoe when I went after the can of water.
  • See that can of oil yonder, Ferd?
  • I can, of course, only judge from the American standpoint.
  • She had just emptied a great can of petroleum over me and over the wood.
  • Rowdy produced a can of pears and they opened and ate them all!
  • Let's gather up what we can of her clothes and bury her.
  • And there was plenty of fresh butter and a can of evaporated cream.
  • Open it and make the best use you can of the papers you will find.
  • He sat on his bed and continued to think while he finished the can of beer.
  • Think of as many ways as you can of making tents out of poles and skins.
  • It can of course be varied to suit the convenience and taste of housekeepers.
  • Before he went they gave him some bacon and a little can of ground coffee.
  • It was a fatal error to let him get his hands on a can of fruit.

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  • Broderick himself had already said that he had been robbed of a can of gold dust.
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