Can Speak In A Sentence

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  • Is there no one that you can speak to?
  • The garters can speak for themselves!
  • See if the man can speak.
  • Jisuke can speak at ease.
  • But of this we can speak hereafter.
  • I wonder you can speak of her to me.
  • I can speak to you frankly?
  • I can speak the truth.
  • I can speak all things.
  • You can speak out plain before this friend of ours.
  • That is as much as a man can speak for.
  • Questions understood before child can speak.
  • I who can speak am dumb before thee.
  • We can speak about that to-morrow.
  • You see she can speak verse.
  • You can speak with perfect freedom to me.
  • Only an enemy of philosophy can speak lightly of it.
  • Thou grantest ere my tongue can speak.
  • However, we can speak of that later.
  • I can speak five languages as well as my own.
  • It is a pity neither of you can speak the language!
  • Only our own actions can speak and carry convictions.
  • You can speak before him; he is the soul of discretion.
  • We neither of us can speak a word of the language.
  • Good neighbors, you can speak at least!
  • You can speak, can you, you ridiculous crab?
  • I can speak for Monty.
  • He can speak English already.
  • For her I can speak as well as for myself.
  • Now I can speak with authority.
  • Yes, the jay can speak, but only if they cut its tongue.
  • Now I can speak freely.
  • He leaves the room before Braine can speak.
  • I can speak of that now when I know he is saved.
  • Assuredly I can speak so as to be understood of all men.

How To Use Can Speak In A Sentence?

  • She can speak; and she shall, too, to some purpose.
  • I must tell you now when I can speak.
  • I can speak of him if I am but moved enough!
  • You have sat upon a throne and I can speak out to you.
  • Of this last date I can speak from my own recollection.
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