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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Can Turn | Can Turn Sentence

  • From there we can turn north again.
  • To try if we can turn him out again?
  • I can turn every ad.
  • But no new evidence against me can turn up!
  • I can turn the key and disappear.
  • No bolt can turn them back.
  • There is one man here who can turn the trick.
  • You can turn on the stars and planets when you please.
  • By and by, it can turn out that we are wrong.
  • Ay, so things can turn out!
  • And a woman can turn to no one in a trouble like that.
  • Released from the army, they can turn to no useful work.
  • Let the curious reader who can, turn to it and see.
  • You can turn in early, and sleep four or five hours.
  • But I can turn a trick or two.
  • You can turn off the faucet, Sally.
  • Nothing can turn Don Cesare from his path but a woman.
  • I think I can turn you round my finger now, Miss Daisy.
  • Your eye can turn on nothing that does not entrance you.
  • In the day of battle no danger can turn him from his purpose.
  • Still it's what one can turn to most easily.
  • And don't think you can turn me from my purpose.
  • It is not a period to which the student of literature can turn with joy.
  • He believes he can turn his attention to other things if necessary.
  • And he can turn all his great power into the new channel on the instant.
  • When he chooses to exert his skill he can turn out the most wonderful dishes.
  • We must build the factory before we can turn out the finished product.
  • The point of view can turn three walls and a door into a madhouse.
  • No other motive save that can turn the faces of men towards the heights.
  • Or he strikes from behind, and is off again before the eagle can turn round.
  • Can you believe that a vivid memory can turn back so many years?
  • It is a rather slow process, but they can turn out good work.
  • I can turn you over to the police anytime, for any one of a hundred things.
  • Remember, no one is cornered so long as he can turn round and go back.
  • But shucks, as for that, we can turn tricks on the way for money.

How To Use Can Turn In A Sentence?

  • All these maids will have skedaddled before either the sergeant or the doctor can turn up.
  • We can turn it in no light without being struck with its inconsistencies or its futility.
  • I believe we can turn over billions before everybody picks up the signal and it senilesces.
  • It taught men that true liberty can turn blind submission into rational obedience.
  • First provide the crowd, and then the masters of crowd-psychology can turn their faces heavenward.
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