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  • Most of the people had smart canes and bosom-pins.
  • The armament of canes of blackberry is only skin deep.
  • And of theise canes men maken faire houses.
  • Old Hawthorn only canes for lies.
  • One of these canes had been given by Maria Cristina.
  • This constellation lies between Canes Venatici and Virgo.
  • A shout of laughter, a rain of clappings, a thunder of canes and feet.
  • Et quoniam per cattos capi non possunt, capiuntur per canes maiores.

How To Use Canes In A Sentence?

  • Others had broken their canes from much exuberant pounding on the floors of the stands.
  • The tall canes growing in the brakes among the vineyards rustle as if shaken by a spectral hand.
  • Palatinae canes iam spe atque ambitione deuorassent, ab ipsis hiantium faucibus traxi.
  • Brooks was defended and eulogized, and presented with canes and pitchers as testimonials to his valor.
  • Beyond the curtain the unseen audience answered with a pounding of heels and canes in good-natured impatience.
  • The underbrush, canes and vines made it impossible for them to see any great distance in any direction.
  • Out on the mountains one heard the thrashing of the canes amongst the branches as the peasants beat the nuts off the almond trees.
  • That is why at every shrine there are so many crutches and canes and braces and belts and splints and supports of various kinds to be seen.
  • The seconds measured off thirty paces and at the distance of ten paces apart laid two canes down on the grass.
  • Breaking through a particularly dense cover of berry canes with briars that hurt, the riders found it clear ahead.
  • For two hours not a sound was heard save the dull swish of the axes as they sheared through the sap-laden canes and brushwood.
  • Beyond these, were high forests and rich swamps, where canes and cypress-trees grew of astonishing magnitude.
  • Among the raspberry canes he found three or four rabbit-holes, and hearing the rabbits talking to each other, he stooped down to listen.
  • The foreman explained to us that when the canes are cut down, the first thing is to pull off the long leaves, which are left on the ground.
  • Men with arms and no legs; others had legs but no arms; some with canes and crutches, and some wheeling themselves about in little hand carts.
  • Suddenly those in one section moved; the spectators rose to their feet, turning their backs to the ring; arms and canes whirled above their heads.
  • Meanwhile, acting on the suggestion of Elmer, the other boys selected such stout canes and cudgels as lay around camp.
  • A smart half-breed offered canes of ebony, lignum vitae, lance, and orange wood, all of native growth.
  • Nest in canes 4 feet from ground, made of strips of rushes, sweet gum and water oak leaves, lined with pine needles.
  • We had seen a colored dude selling canes at Nassau, but a dude mendicant, and a cripple at that, was a physical anomaly.
  • Locomotion was rendered difficult to such an extent that even the aid of two stout canes did not enable him to dispense with additional help in mounting my doorsteps.
  • Then he shrank back, creeping under the friendly shelter of the blackberry canes until he was, as I afterward found, quite lost to view.
  • Lucien remarked that the canes were cut in lengths of about a yard, and bevelled off at the ends, so as to be more readily caught between the two cylinders.
  • L'amour maternel est la loi de toute la nature, depuis les lionnes avec leurs lionceaux, jusqu'aux canes avec leurs canards.
  • Find some black raspberry plants and notice that some of the canes have bent over and taken root at the tips sending up a new shoot and thus forming a new plant.
  • He tried it again; he sprang up; he stepped; he walked; he leaped; he skipped; he ran; he hurrahed; he flung his canes away.
  • After the ground has been ploughed into ridges these canes are laid in the endless tumuli, and not long after their interment a fresh sprout springs at each joint of these interminable flutes.
  • Emerging from this, called Canebrake, from some canes growing along the sides, the Explorer ran aground, resting there for two hours.
  • Sylvestres canes amiserunt opsonatorem, Quibus in densis vepribus assolebat esse victus, neque meo assensu, Neque auxilio indigebat.

Definition of Canes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cane | plural of cane | (plural only) The genus Arundinaria, the sole temperate genus of bamboo native to the New World.

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