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  • Dirt and tin cans lay about the street.
  • He took the engine cans and walked to the office.
  • Open cans of fish and turn into a large bowl.
  • Empty cans and residue must be placed in garbage cans.
  • He gestured at the hundreds of boxes, cans and bottles.
  • The empty gasoline cans were over to the cart by Hiram.
  • Tin cans can be burnt in this fire and then treated as stated before.
  • Haven't you got those cans of corned beef open?
  • All rain barrels and tin cans were emptied and cisterns were tightly covered.
  • The fireman came down the platform, both engine oil cans in his hands.
  • One-pound baking-powder cans may be used to replace the coffee cans.
  • Miss Hull walked back with Ella, and we sent Mrs. Sanders a few cans of fruit.

How To Use Cans In A Sentence?

  • And here too is the guava seller, with neatly sealed cans of the favorite preserve.
  • She set forth the cans and baskets that formed the camp dinner-set and served the primitive meal.
  • If coffee is ground when purchased, always keep it in closely covered cans until used.
  • In addition we had ten petroleum cans full of water; all told, a supply for four days.
  • In addition we had ten petroleum cans full of water; all told, a supply for four days.
  • The environs of Showdown were garnished with tin cans and trash, dirt and desolation.
  • They should receive the same care as would be exercised in dealing with milk cans in other countries.
  • Milk cans should always be kept covered and no milk which has once been taken out of a can should ever be poured back into it.
  • Bill began opening the other cans and dumping their contents on plates which he placed on the kitchen table.
  • He had been backed up in front of a big office-building where a dozen bulky cans cumbered the sidewalk.
  • Well anyway we won't have to practice fighting no more with broom sticks and cans and etc.
  • I'm finished with this damned tallying of cans of beans and soap and yards of rope!
  • Colored women carrying immense cans of milk or coffee on their heads passed by or lingered in hope of a sale.
  • Garbage cans must have close-fitting lids, so that there will be no place in which the young may hatch and grow.
  • More than one crew coming in half frozen were glad of the soup and coffee which were sent down to them in cans with baskets of bread.
  • If the cans were well buttered and flour sifted over, the pudding when steamed may be easily removed to a platter.
  • They have no water on trains or at stations, except on the engine, which makes tea in cans for you for the men when it stops.
  • Polished pans and cooking pots hung below long shelves stacked with cans of food, packages of cereal and the like.
  • Early in the afternoon the cows must be again milked, and the cans of milk must in summertime be set in spring water for cooling.
  • These "eliminators" consisted of two men with cans of turpentine and gasoline and an equipment of scrubbing brushes.
  • Opening the entrance panel of the steel shell, he quickly transferred within the cans of compressed food retrieved from the second compartment.
  • The men were in charge of huge cans of paints, assorted brushes, ladders, scaffolds and other paraphernalia.
  • In all literalness the miners kept their gold-dust in tin cans and similar receptacles, on shelves, unguarded in tents or open cabins.
  • She began to water her roses in the cool of the evening, and George filled the cans with water from the tank and brought them to her.
  • I went into the shop, and asked the sheepish young fellow there for one of the cans of petrol I saw against the wall.
  • My father produced several kinds of food, ready to eat, without any cooking, from little tin cans that had printing all over them.
  • This led me to the far side of the cemetery and then to an avenue of fir-trees, where I came upon some cans of petrol.
  • Rush took the cans into the hut, shut and locked the door, and, with his hands in his pockets, moved slowly down towards his boat.

Definition of Cans

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of can | plural of can | (slang) breasts
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