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  • In anger scourge My old cantankerous sweetheart, Chloe!
  • The Cantankerous Old Lady nodded.
  • The Cantankerous Old Lady was capital company.
  • The Cantankerous Old Lady darted a lightning glance at him.
  • Do you bear an olive branch from that cantankerous father of yours?
  • He is without exception the most cantankerous animal under the sun.
  • In fact, the great grunting beast was surly and cantankerous from the first.
  • These words are uttered in a dry, cantankerous tone a few feet away from me.
  • The Cantankerous Old Lady regarded me once more from head to foot.
  • Why not start for Schlangenbad with the Cantankerous Old Lady?
  • You know that I've got a red-hot, cantankerous temper when I get started.

How To Use Cantankerous In A Sentence?

  • It had cost him more trouble than enough to assemble together the cantankerous townsfolk.
  • My first impression was that the Cantankerous Old Lady would go off in a fit of apoplexy.
  • We'd had enough and to spare of that, (Will ye keep quiet, ye cantankerous Scotchman!
  • One of the most laughable was the breaking loose of a cantankerous camel, and the startling and upsetting in the "scatter" of a popular limb of the law.
  • I was really grieved, for I had grown to like the urbane old gentleman, as I had grown to like the cantankerous old lady.
  • If he had been less abusive the tailor might have overlooked the matter; but even a tailor has a soul, and this time the man swore to have the law on his cantankerous customer.
  • And the sight of Donkin in the distance sent him back in something of a hurry; it was quite enough to have to spend an evening with the cantankerous cashier.
  • Behind her agreeable smile there was suspicion of all mankind, suspicion and wariness, due to her constant need of self-control in the difficult business of managing noisy or cantankerous guests.
  • When we reached Cologne, the Cantankerous Old Lady overwhelmed me with the warmth of her thanks and praises.

Definition of Cantankerous

Given to or marked by an ill-tempered nature; ill-tempered, cranky, surly, crabby.
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