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  • Are the cantons going to help you pay your debts?
  • In certain cantons it is done in every detail.
  • Victory was theirs and the Cantons were free.
  • There are three Cantons here.
  • Are all the Cantons from our tyrants freed?
  • On one day shall the Cantons rise together.
  • In time five other cantons joined them in a compact for liberty.
  • Zurich furnishes the example of the cantons having the obligatory Referendum.
  • Those already there may be expelled, should the Cantons see fit.
  • Customs of courtship, different in the cantons of Switzerland, 39.

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  • How is it that these diminutive cantons preserve so completely their nationality?
  • In eighty-four of the liberated cantons the work of reconstruction has already commenced.
  • Glarus, because of its manufactures, is one of the richest cantons in public domain.
  • In some of the Swiss cantons smoking was considered a crime second only to adultery.
  • The first-named essential is yet in these cantons fully realized; largely, also, is the second.
  • Kultur is widely diffused throughout the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland.
  • The passes to our Cantons are but few; These with our bodies we will block, we will!
  • The last execution in the Protestant cantons of Switzerland was at Geneva, in 1652.
  • If the three Cantons thought as we three do, Something might, then, be done, with good effect.
  • For know, The Cantons three are to each other pledged, To hunt the tyrants from the land.
  • In one of the Forest Cantons at this time lived a famous mountaineer named William Tell.
  • The more radical cantons were the first to raise a loud clamour and to ask to be rid of these inconvenient and expensive visitors.
  • Similar democratic legislative meetings govern two cantons as cantons and two other cantons divided into demi-cantons.
  • This cause is that Switzerland, in many cantons for centuries undemocratic, is not yet entirely democratic.
  • In the Swiss army are eight divisions of the active force and eight of the reserve, adjoining cantons uniting to form a division.
  • To-day the movement in the Swiss cantons is not only toward the Referendum, but toward its obligatory form.
  • The Initiative has been practiced in many of the communes and in the several Landsgemeinde cantons in one form or other from time immemorial.
  • How, indeed, could it be otherwise when in several cantons it was only in 1848, with the Confederation, that manhood suffrage was established?
  • The fact that the cantons have no senates and that a second chamber is an obstacle to direct legislation may here hasten the abolition of these nurseries of aristocracy.
  • There are in Switzerland twenty-two cantons (states), which are subdivided into 2,706 communes (townships).
  • In the past score of years, however, it has been practiced by petition in an increasing number of the cantons not having the democratic assemblage of all the citizens.
  • In one of the Protestant cantons of Switzerland dwelt a lady of fortune, in a handsome mansion, surrounded with extensive grounds.
  • The Landsgemeinde cantons usually have fifty to sixty members; Geneva, with 20,000 voters, has a hundred.
  • At the same time twelve out of the twenty-two cantons approved of the extension, and it is generally agreed that the ultimate triumph of the proportional principle cannot long be delayed.
  • In all the cantons there is a strong tendency to raise revenue from direct, as opposed to indirect, taxes, and from progressive taxation according to fortune.
  • Article 27 prescribes that the Cantons shall provide compulsory primary instruction to be placed in charge of the civil authorities and to be gratuitous in all public schools.
  • It was not from their lakes, nor their cliffs, nor their glaciers, though these were all peculiarly their possession, that the three venerable cantons or states received their name.

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plural of canton
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