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  • All canyons are not alike.
  • I explained canyons at length.
  • The three important canyons opened into it.
  • Numerous ridges and canyons cut up this central wing.
  • It is all broken ground, canyons and valleys and rocks.
  • This is one of the most beautiful canyons in all Colorado.
  • In the Marble and Grand Canyons the fall is as follows.
  • There are a thousand canyons down there, and only a few have we been in.
  • Several parties have tried the descent through the canyons since our voyage.
  • Twelve hours a day would take us out of the canyons in a fortnight or so.
  • There are a number of ruins in the canyons of the type shown in figure 13.
  • The largest ruin in the canyons is that shown in plan in figure 6.
  • In the heads of the small canyons many dams and terraces were noted.
  • Even the Indians never go near the canyons if they can help it.
  • The pipe lines go up and down nine canyons in their course across the Valley.

How To Use Canyons In A Sentence?

  • The drainage at the edges of most canyons is back and away from the gorge itself.
  • The division between the two canyons was the break down where we had seen the horse.
  • But the most remarkable and unaccountable feature of the locality is where the canyons meet.
  • The bottoms of these canyons are from 600 to 900 feet below the tops of the mesas.
  • Notwithstanding these the canyons remain almost terra incognita for each new navigator.
  • The sides of all canyons in an arid region are more or less protected in the same way.
  • The silent canyons among those wooded hills told plainly the story of the lost men.
  • It is scarred with deep canyons and crossed by swift streams fed from springs and mountain snows.
  • To produce canyons like those of the Colorado, peculiar and unusual conditions are necessary.
  • The Indians regarded the river with deep awe, and believed the canyons to be peopled with demons.
  • Three canyons came together at their mouths and we called the place Trin Alcove.
  • This was one part of the canyons where White, in his imaginary journey, found an easy passage!
  • Miller (1955a:173) found this oriole breeding in the canyons at the base of the Sierra del Carmen.
  • Capturing the lions on the level of the plateau was easy compared to following them down into canyons and bringing them up alone.
  • One of the characteristic features of the canyons at the present day is the immense number of peach trees within them.
  • But now, thousands of subordinate canyons and hollows on the mountains were filled with independent masses of ice.
  • Snow in the canyons would not have surprised us now, for the nights were cold and we had warmth only in the middle of the day.
  • We missed the numerous trees which in the upper canyons had been so ornamental wherever they could find a footing on the rocks.
  • In this canyon is water-power enough to run the machinery of the world, and there is as much more in the canyons above.
  • How could a man who knew nothing about the canyons give testimony worth consideration, for or against?
  • Horseback and hiking trips along the rim rocks and into the canyons lead to spectacular ruins not seen from any of the roads.
  • Map showing Relation of the Canyons of the Green and Colorado to the Surrounding Country.
  • So the river rolled on through its solemn canyons in primeval freedom, unvexed by the tampering and meddling of man.
  • Happy grounds these canyons were at that time for the bears, and they may still be enjoying the seclusion the depths afford.
  • Like acid spread on copperplate, water etches the canyons in the mountain slopes and spreads wide the valleys through the plains.

Definition of Canyons

plural of canyon
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