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  • I am going to read the captions off very quickly.
  • Short captions are given in {braces} after the modern (1967) caption.

How To Use Captions In A Sentence?

  • Throughout the text, illustrations and their captions were placed on facing pages.
  • The captions accuse the president of showing insensitivity and disdain to racial minorities.
  • Transcriber's Notes: Some illustration's captions have been moved out of the paragraph.
  • The figure captions have been retained in the same order of appearance as the plates in the original, but moved to follow the section which each illustrates.
  • Illustration captions have been supplied from the List of Illustrations; they were not used in the printed book except for the full-page plates.
  • After considerable thought it was decided to insert brief captions from time to time that might aid the eye in selecting the larger subjects of the text.
  • While, therefore, the present editor accepts the responsibility for the captions of the various subdivisions, he has endeavored to insert them in harmony with the original text.
  • He uses ornate captions pages, reminiscent of silent film from the 1920s, to make political points against the background of the song and the news footage.

Definition of Captions

plural of caption

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