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  • His ideal of duty captivates the doer more than his own agency therein.
  • He stuns the ear and captivates the senses, but does not subdue the soul.
  • Boyish Kim captivates young happy-housewife Audrey and wrecks her life.

How To Use Captivates In A Sentence?

  • The unswerving rigidity of his conduct captivates even those who do not take him for a model.
  • The look, which captivates an honourable man, must be reflected from a noble soul.
  • At some periods the suffering criminal captivates all hearts; at others, the triumphant tyrant.
  • It is this which captivates in youth; and this, of course, Mrs. Courtney has lost.
  • This long descent of families and this cleaving through ages to the same spot of ground captivates the imagination.
  • There is an air of stern and savage grandeur in everything around, which strangely captivates the imagination.
  • I cannot tell by what charm our native soil captivates us, and does not allow us to be forgetful of it.
  • At love should no one ever wonder in another: a beauteous countenance oft captivates the wise, which captivates not the foolish.
  • After all, it is the inconceivable which generally captivates us, whether in nature, in man, or in our own breasts.
  • It takes strength, effort, and perseverance, and it is singular that what pleases us at first sight seldom captivates us any length of time.
  • But the resounding blows on the backs of those near the officer did not give the encouraging emphasis to his appeal that captivates men whose reasoning faculties are almost gone for the moment.
  • Every thing that is mysterious has charms for the ignorant; the marvellous captivates all men; persons the most enlightened find it difficult to defend themselves against these illusions.
  • Assisted by some kind fairy who appears in various forms, she reveals herself in her true shape, captivates the prince, who finally recognizes her by the slipper.

Definition of Captivates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of captivate
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