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How To Use Car For In A Sentence?

  • Nearly all of them say the starters alone will propel the car for some distance.
  • He leaned from the car for a moment and held out something in the hollow of his hand.
  • But when you have run your car for months, motoring for its own sake ceases to be all in all.
  • She walked over to the nearest car-line and caught the next street car for the city.
  • He was out of the car, for all his age and weight, before it had come to a stand.
  • He did go out, but only with the crime doctor in his car, for an hour or two in the afternoon.
  • He had not seen the red car for several minutes, it having disappeared behind a rocky butte.
  • The sleeping car, for example, is an abomination, as you are speedily to have proved to you.
  • They told him their plans and got into the little car for the short drive to Giza.
  • She turned around then, and seeing the front of the car for the first time, burst out in a squeal.
  • We had not been able on that train to secure a parlor car, for which I was very glad.
  • My mother bought the car for me for $50.00 and I went to Hornell to get the car.
  • They left the subway at Simpson Street and boarded a jammed trolley-car for Westchester.
  • Remember, Jane McCarthy is no doubt waiting with her car for us over in the other valley.
  • The Leather Person opened the door of the car for me, that I might put in the rugs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Car For | Car For Sentence

  • Ask him to send his car for me.
  • Back to our car for us.
  • It was kind of you to send the motor-car for me.
  • There was a deafening silence in the car for a moment.
  • The other boys chose to wait in the car for him.
  • The man sent his car for us.
  • What do you want the car for, anyway?
  • And hustle a comfortable car for me to go home in.
  • He sent his car for me, the splendid man.
  • Then he turned the car for Camporossa.
  • Mrs. Crosby, the person you sent the car for has arrived.
  • Then I will go and get a sleeping-car for you to Calais.
  • At a garage in St. Albans he readily found a car for hire.
  • I am to telephone to my sister and she will send her car for you.
  • He developed car sickness and could not ride in a car for some time.
  • He was to take the Fifth Street car for South St. Louis.
  • Perhaps she'd better send the car for him, and a note.
  • We got out of the car for dinner, or for a short rest at dinner-time.
  • George headed his car for the Merriweathers'.
  • Having disposed of the honeymooners, there was room in our car for Peter.
  • She had reached the corner where she and Lizzie usually took the car for home.
  • I stepped from the car, for I was interested in the fat drummer.
  • In fact, I've ordered the car for you.
  • Like washing the car for which I used to get five rupees from my dad.
  • Already he had planned to send Winthrop, in his big car, for a doctor.
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