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How To Use Car In A Sentence?

  • The car took a position in the middle of the block and stood silent for a few minutes.
  • Whoever the pranksters in the car were, they apparently had a police permit for their games.
  • She wanted as expensive millinery and high-powered a car as her rich neighbor across the way.
  • Has driven his own car in races, and is a certificated aerial pilot for Germany.
  • An instant later anger burned in her heart, for she saw that the car was driven by Rose Stribling.
  • He beamed and grinned in boyish happiness as the mob surged round his car so insistently that for a minute it could not proceed.
  • It is presumed that he came by motor-car, but there is no car in the garage, nor any mention of one.
  • All these gentlemen here say the car started while you were trying to get on, which is a very different thing, you know.
  • By the pavement a car was standing, and from somewhere at the back there came the sound of a baby crying inconsolably in the darkness.
  • He had wanted the car for an hour, to feel the thrill of it under his fingers, to taste again the luxury of its warmth and softness.
  • The heat of the shining sun car dried the lakes and the rivers, and burned every green thing upon the land.
  • In his nervousness, however, the chauffeur started the car with a jerk, and many faces moved in their direction.
  • No wonder he hurried and no wonder the woman screamed, for exactly at that instant a great red touring car came tearing around the corner.
  • The sight of the Stars and Stripes flapping at the front of his car was a reassuring little picture.
  • She went with Alice to the door, and then stood watching her descend the steps and enter the small closed car in the drive.
  • The streets were almost deserted; and as the car went on, Corinna thought that she had never seen the city look so fresh and charming.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Car | Car Sentence

  • He stopped the car and touched a button.
  • The chauffeur brought the car to an abrupt stop.
  • Peter entered the chair car when the train came in.
  • Phaethon sprang into the sun car and grasped the lines.
  • The car also is mounted on wire runners.
  • Daimler placed at one side of the car to give more room.
  • Whiting, coming out in forty minutes, found his car gone.
  • When the car reached the Square, it turned sharply north.
  • The car is at present in Deutsches Museum, Munich.
  • It will be all over when our car passes over the hills there.
  • Not a car on the road exhibited brighter brasswork than hers.
  • Whiting's car was a closed one.
  • Finally we came to a little car running on a narrow inclined track.
  • The car drove off amidst a shower of shouts and calls and farewells.
  • The car stopped before his office, and she held out her hand.
  • The mere ability to construct motor car engines is no longer of value.
  • This old-established motor car firm commenced to build aeroplanes in 1911.
  • The odor of broiling beefsteak came back from the car ahead rather poignantly.
  • Mercy, there goes my car now," and she fled precipitately.
  • Pierre dans son arrosoir, car l'eau est assez froide.
  • The car is coming for me, and I don't dine until eight.
  • There, my car is at the door, and I must hurry back to the shop.
  • Lo, where a car of fire, on airy pinion, Comes floating towards me!
  • The next day mamma planned to take the four o'clock car back to Hartford.

Definition of Car

(computing) The first part of a cons in LISP. The first element of a list
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