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How To Use Caramel In A Sentence?

  • In using the caramel add it just as you are about to serve the soup, or sauce colored with it.
  • Then pour the caramel into a mould or cake-tin, and let it run all round the sides of the tin.
  • The hat proved to be a great caramel cake, stuck all over with English walnuts, packed so carefully it was not a bit mashed.
  • The measure of one-half cup of nutmeg in the recipe for Caramel Pudding on p. 236 is undoubtedly an error.
  • When done pour over it a quart of boiling water and let it cook until the caramel is entirely dissolved, pour it out and when cold strain and bottle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Caramel | Caramel Sentence

  • Serve plain or with caramel sauce.
  • Gradually stir the caramel into the hot custard.
  • You didn't even know we are to have caramel cake, either, did you?

Definition of Caramel

Of a yellow-brown color. | (transitive, cooking, dated) To caramelize. | A smooth, chewy, sticky confection made by heating sugar and other ingredients until the sugars polymerize and become sticky.
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Caramel in a sentence

Caramel sentence

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