Care For In A Sentence

How To Use Care For In A Sentence?

  • I only care for it for what it will bring.
  • What use to care for him?
  • Alere did not care for money.
  • And love can care for him.
  • I shall have a care for myself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Care For | Care For Sentence

  • Roger does not care for me?
  • Did they care for her?
  • He cannot care for her.
  • Why should we care for him?
  • Remember they do not care for me as you do.
  • Who did care for him?
  • What do we care for that?
  • Michael had no care for himself.
  • Do you care for him?
  • She does not care for love.
  • Nor did he care for buns.
  • Indeed she did not seem to care for any.
  • What did she care for what she gained?
  • Could he make her care for him again?
  • What did you care for your home?
  • But you do not care for my words.
  • We have no care for promises.
  • Will you ever care for me?
  • There will be no one to care for him but me.
  • She did not care for study.
  • I care for no one but you.
  • But women do not care for this.
  • What did she care for riches?
  • And was this fair to them that care for you?
  • I do not care for such things.
  • I intend to care for you.
  • What do we care for the race?
  • He did not much care for that.
  • I did not want to care for her.
  • Would you care for a fire?
  • And he did not care for a name.
  • What can mamma care for all that now?
  • I mean not to care for you at all.
  • What does he care for my suffering?
  • And does she care for thee?

Definition of Care For

(transitive) To attend to the needs of, especially in the manner of a nurse or personal aide. | (transitive) To like or appreciate; to consider to be appealing, tasteful, or suitable.
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