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  • Suddenly the boat careened violently.
  • The boat careened over, dipping her gunwale.
  • The spider careened onward, no hand at its controls.
  • The dory careened until I expected to see her capsize.
  • We whined around in a curve that careened the car up on its outside wheels.
  • The diligence from Rouen rolled and careened along the road to Rochelle.

How To Use Careened In A Sentence?

  • Some had been driven upon the shore, others had careened and been swamped at their wharves.
  • Then in a moment the boat filled and careened over, throwing her crew into the sea.
  • He turned his head, and the boat careened into a trough that set it to shaking.
  • They careened almost the full length of the field, leaving a trail of smoking chaos.
  • He careened past a blur of figures, trying to avoid hard surfaces and other human beings.
  • I had been thrown down the companion by an appalling crash and a sudden lurch of the steamer as she careened to port.
  • Fringing the bay were sloping beaches where they careened and calked and tarred their galleys with slave labor.
  • The brig trembled to the embrace and careened gently, as if nestling into a beloved's arms.
  • As he did so a wave, larger than any that the boat had previously encountered, careened the craft a bit.
  • But in falling, the great lamp careened and half of its liquid had splashed across the entrance to the tunnel.
  • At the same instant the boat careened and a bronzed and glistening savage raised himself into the boat; and another, and another.
  • The speeding automobile struck the side of the steel bridge, spun sideways and careened down the bank to bury itself in the water.
  • The noise was terrific, coming so unexpectedly out of the silence, and their argosy careened dangerously under some obstruction forward.
  • The wind, with a current caused perhaps by the tide, held us up to it so forcibly, that the vessel careened slightly.
  • It gave evidence of a violent flight and a hasty desertion, careened to one side, its door open, a rug hanging over the step.
  • The can leaped, careened sideways, and fell, shattered, to the street, thirty feet distant from the stranger.
  • As she careened and plunged, racing down a frothing dark billow, the convict, relieved of his burden, clung to the lower gunwale.
  • He flung a last salvo from his hot machine-guns, then, heart numbing, jerked back the control-stick and careened high.
  • He clung by his knees and hands, his back in the water, and the boat careened till I thought she would go over.
  • The House-boat shivered and shook, careened way to one side, and as quickly righted and stood still.
  • Over the rough field the automobile lurched and careened imperiling the safety of its occupants and threatening momentarily to upset and wreck the car.
  • He had doubtless been enveloped in the rug which had fallen from the vehicle as it first careened in the road, and which now lay among the wayside weeds.
  • He was crouched on one knee in the middle, and the canoe careened over with his weight, so that the gunwale was only an inch or two above the surface.

Definition of Careened

simple past tense and past participle of careen
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