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  • There is the careening basin.
  • The struggle to regain control of the careening car.

How To Use Careening In A Sentence?

  • Luke pulled her back into her seat when she would have stood up to watch the careening scooter.
  • He succeeded, and sent it careening safely over it and the next great swell, and so out to sea.
  • While careening in an inlet in North Carolina he was attacked by two government sloops.
  • He entered for the purpose of careening his little vessels in order to remove the barnacles and accumulated weed-growth.
  • He finally had to hit a few individuals, sending them careening to the ground, in order that he could stay on the stage.
  • I was dragged into the dance and went careening around with old warriors and young bucks, the squaws laughing at my mistakes.
  • It pointed higher into the wind, though careening over so that the water came unpleasantly near the top of the high wash-boards.
  • It would be of the highest importance to cover the ships with lead at Manila, which would obviate careening them every year.
  • As yet it was low water, and vessels lay aground in the mud, showing their hulls, and careening over in a way to rejoice a water-color painter.
  • My thoughts resembled a flock of wild birds which had been streaming steadily in one direction when a bomb had exploded among them and sent them swirling and careening in crazy circles.
  • The boys jumped to the halyards, and the boat sprang forward with renewed speed, careening over until she was half under, and slightly hauling on the wind.
  • Instead of the violent pitching and tossing that had been our fate for so many days, with the fearful careening over of the labouring ship, we were now going slowly up and down with the swelling rolling waves.
  • Guzman motioned to his friend, who rose to his feet, touching a forefinger to the front of his sombrero, and skilfully picked his course along the careening boat.
  • Immediately her sail caught the breeze which came fair down the river, and careening a little as she took it, her head began to make good speed across the causeway of moonlight.

Definition of Careening

present participle of careen | The motion of something that careens.
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