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  • I had broken my leg just above the ankle and my present career as a fur-trapper had ended.
  • Her career as a servant of humanity should inspire the greatest sympathy and call for pardon.
  • It was in 1653 that he began his stormy career as an anonymous political poet and satirist.
  • After a brief experimental career as tripe the sails had departed this life forever.
  • It was a most serious occasion for me; for the rest of my career as a singer depended upon it.
  • His passion for gambling and women ruined her fortune and almost ended her career as an artist.
  • William: at the very outset of your career as my father, a rival has appeared on the scene.
  • He was self-educated, and commenced his career as a portrait-painter in his native city.
  • Severn, who had given up his career as painter to be near me in my last days ...
  • The next step in his career, as he well knew, would be the glue factory and the boneyard.
  • So Eveley studied stenography, and took genuine pleasure in her career as a business girl.
  • Alphonsus, the conqueror, begins his career as an exiled claimant to the throne of Arragon.
  • His defeat by McKinley really marked the beginning of his career as a national leader.
  • Later, he was taken to Anton Rubinstein who earnestly advocated a career as a virtuoso.
  • That he could succeed, however, was shown by such a career as that of Ira Aldridge.
  • His pupil Maso Finniguerra, who turned also to engraving, began his career as a goldsmith.
  • After studying theology at Tubingen he began his public career as lecturer in Jena University.
  • His son came to Peace River in 1863, and his career, as he told it to me, will bear repeating.
  • Whatever taste for the adventurous he may have possessed had been sated by his career as an itinerant.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Career As | Career As Sentence

  • Her career as a destroyer was at an end.
  • This closed his career as a soldier.
  • There is another career as marvellous as his own.
  • Thiers now entered on an active career as a politician.
  • He decided to abandon his career as a showman.
  • Wallack ended his career as an actor in this house.
  • Her real career as a heart breaker had set in.
  • She began a successful career as a public reader.
  • Gerhardt Mercator begins his career as geographer.
  • He went over his career as known to Yotsuya.
  • It is to her that I owe my whole career as an artist.
  • From the start in his career as an airman this youth had been an enemy.
  • Of course he ought not to have thrown away his career as he had done.
  • He embarked upon his career as a merchant the very next morning.
  • But please interpret it as my serious concern over your career as a poet ...
  • Describe Arnold's career as a soldier to 1778.
  • He had begun his career as seller of pork to the Roman army.
  • Clara's career as an actress had ended. . . .
  • Now, to be married is an incident in a woman's career, as in a man's.
  • Well, honey, the splendid career as you see has ended in the chorus....
  • Mr. Irving began his career, as an author, in periodical literature.
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