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  • More waves followed; they careered through me.
  • Coming back, he hoisted his sail, and we careered over in rollicking style.

How To Use Careered In A Sentence?

  • It was thus they careered across the vast chessboard of the fenced back-blocks at dead of night.
  • The thought careered like a caged squirrel, now that he walked through autumn woods toward her home.
  • The herd careered on toward the horizon, save five individuals which had been killed or disabled by the shots.
  • On the 19th the Captain again thought he saw distant smoke on the horizon, and we careered about to avoid it as before.
  • And here we see a winged dragon that, armed with sharp teeth and strong claws, has careered through the air on leathern wings like those of a bat.
  • Men of all colours went to and fro, like mad creatures; women followed; children careered hither and thither.
  • He spun round on one toe, and, like a boy of ten, careered around the deck to the tune of a negro song.
  • Duncan Fraser smiled grimly as he thought how Alan careered about the country in pursuit of his favorite pastime.
  • Ice and snow were left behind on the heights, and the Aigle gaily careered down the slopes like a wild thing released from a weary bondage.
  • Towards morning, a violent thunder storm careered along the crest of the range, and every rock and cranny re-echoed from the crash of the thunder.
  • I had barely time to catch her, or she would have thrown herself on the horns of the startled animal that, with tail in air, careered away among the trees.

Definition of Careered

simple past tense and past participle of career
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