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  • Instantly motors were careering at each other.
  • And this the larks careering up the sky.
  • It was as though we were careering madly over a multitude of fine-tooth combs.
  • What careering of figures, stark naked, through the rushes and trees!
  • Onward and onward careering they go; O soft and true the notes that flow!

How To Use Careering In A Sentence?

  • He ordered the groom to saddle his favorite horse, and was soon careering across country.
  • Perhaps you are now careering round Schleswig or some other-where for a summer holiday.
  • He was up in a moment and careering across the field, but Doris was not so nimble.
  • Instead, he and Rupert went careering on in pursuit of the enemy directly ahead of them.
  • And how they would bombard him with glorifying ejaculations as he cracked his long whip 5 and went careering away.
  • It was an exhilarating experience to go careering along by that weird, threatening sea in the fresh morning air.
  • From the wooded fence around arrows and bullets are poured into the dense plunging mass of buffalo careering wildly round the ring.
  • Reluctantly it seemed to hang upon the surface of the lake, then slowly mounted, careering backwards and forwards with each passing breeze.
  • The stream rushed careering and curveting down the hill-side, bright as a diamond, and soon reached a meadow plain.
  • While the men of the town were out careering after the mysterious Rider, their homes had been rifled of everything of value.
  • Presently catching sight of solitary leaf careering down walk, fetched broom, and tenderly tickled the gravel in pursuit of the leaf.
  • This time they "cut out" the three unwanted ones and send them careering off across the prairie, to make their own way homeward.
  • The birds began to chant their morning song, and the eagles, careering from every mountain top, soared above our heads.
  • Just at this moment, Dapple in his play slipped off his headstall and was soon careering around the dooryard in the mad glee of freedom.
  • The elephants, frightened by the first wild huzzas of victory, had stampeded, and were madly careering in a solid body across the plain.
  • I say, Dolly, you don't really expect me to go careering over that heath at this ungodly hour?
  • But Lydia, he felt, like a careering force that had slipped control, must be checked before she did serious harm.
  • And so the Mariposa Belle, with all steam up again and with the long train of sparks careering from the funnel, is heading for the town.
  • The side of the truck had swung open, the train was going slow, and, looking back, three or four horses could be seen careering about the veldt.
  • Boys and girls of larger growth were rollicking and careering over the place, dancing and singing and entertaining themselves and the whole settlement with their jollities and noise.
  • Girations, sneezes, careering from the real to the dream, until in terror of myself, I come to a sudden stop....
  • But these were sacred night-time thoughts which vanished in the daylight, or only came in snatches and rifts, careering through the blackness that surrounded her.
  • Calendar was standing in front of the station; and it was plain to be seen, from his pose, that the madly careering fiacre interested him more than slightly.
  • Her face buried in his shoulder, his in her hair, they clung to each other while his horse moved slowly forward and hers went careering on over the next earth roll.
  • Maui it was who snared the sun, beat him, and taught him to run his appointed course, instead of careering at will and at any pace he chose about the heavens.
  • Was not the blood of the Cid and of Pelayo careering in all their noble veins, and the spirit of Spain living in all their generous souls?
  • God gives them a power like the motor car, and all they can do with it is to go careering about the roads in goggled masks killing children and making machinery hateful to the soul of man!
  • Many similar scenes were put down in note-books, many were the studies of clouds careering over the wind-blown land, which were never engraved or published.
  • They stood aside while the great tide went careering past swift and turbulent, and one of them at least lacked even the interest to look on and watch its progress.
  • For Kingfisher, the West-country horse, riderless and with trailing reins, was careering alongside him like a rudderless ship in full sail.
  • Away fly the birds, and though now high overhead, the baffled brutes continue wildly careering about the grounds, vexing the air with their frantic barkings.
  • Diva was careering about the High Street as they walked along it, and Miss Mapp kissed her hand to her.
  • The sight of these riders careering wildly among a crowd of flying Boers stayed our volleys for some moments, while we overhauled the scene with our glasses.
  • And now she sat by the kitchen fire in a state of deepest gloom, the foot on a chair, and her active mind careering about the house, seeking out conditions to be bettered.

Definition of Careering

present participle of career | Rapid, uncontrollable headlong motion.
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