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How To Use Careers In A Sentence?

  • Put both the careers together and nobody else has shown such fertility of brain.
  • Those with real careers are a little group by themselves needing separate consideration.
  • He knew very little of the grind and hunger that attended the careers of his whilom associates.
  • One of the chief wants of England today is careers and professions for her sons.
  • And after that Charlotte and Anne set out on their careers as nursery-governesses.
  • It is the name of the recognized guide to the careers and political opinions of Lords and Commons.
  • In which we follow the romantic careers of John Jerome and Return Kingdom a little farther.
  • It doesn't necessarily follow that they understand other vital careers more intimately.
  • The triumph of democracy had brought it about that political careers were now open to the masses who had hitherto been wholly shut out from them.
  • Persons who have certain concepts are animated otherwise, pursue their own vital careers differently.
  • In the same way would he be guided by the character of his children as to the perils certain careers would expose them to.
  • In the presence of all the careers open to them, they rush toward the most easy to follow or the most brilliant.
  • Their short and strenuous careers have burnt out in their prime, and their ends have been such as attend conflagrations.
  • At the conclusion of their high school careers the six chums separated to seek different fields of endeavor.
  • Others of less merit were detached for the civil service, and in that also their careers were at the imperial mercy.
  • We must take an interest in the careers of all nations, and understand history psychologically and be willing to judge it ethically.
  • I believe that we of the great civilized nations of to-day have a right to feel that long careers of achievement lie before our several countries.
  • With many business careers opening to her, success depends not a little on the ability to write an admirable business letter.
  • The reason of this is that since the date of Catholic emancipation, most careers are open to everybody.
  • The two young men stood rigid and silent, expectant of the fateful words which might bring their careers to a close.
  • No better evidence of the effect of maternal influence on the careers of successful Americans need be adduced than that which is offered here.
  • There are words which have careers as well as men, or, perhaps it may be more happily said, as well as women.
  • The careers of two later singers are so recent as to be still fresh in the public memory; one indeed may still be heard on the stage.
  • The rest of the Commonwealth deputies were undistinguished so far as their Irish careers were concerned.
  • She saw hundreds of men and women sacrificing brilliant careers to go V NAROD, to the people.
  • The reader will follow their careers with interest, and in especial that of the heroine, who is a pronounced and most attractive individuality.
  • The careers of these three women illustrate in a very satisfactory way the various channels through which the religious life of the time found its expression.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Careers | Careers Sentence

  • Both our careers were at stake.
  • All the careers will be open to them.
  • Great careers are closed to the poor.
  • Their careers have been both inspiring and disappointing.
  • What she is creates careers or feeds genius.
  • People are making entire careers in modern cyberspace.
  • Along comes a cow, and our careers are ended.
  • Help wanted, female; careers in the field of fashion.
  • One hears of such careers of evil-doing and can scarcely credit them.
  • We intimated our individual careers in terms of bold expectation.
  • Honour, discretion, the careers of both of us, became nothing at the thought.
  • What a contrast is offered by the careers of Washington and Lincoln!
  • CURTIS L. Civil service careers for boys.

Definition of Careers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of career | plural of career
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