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  • This weight was carnal custom.
  • Densuke has committed the carnal sin with the demon?
  • And now, with respect to carnal misdemeanours.
  • She is given over to worldly, carnal thoughts.
  • I love them not, because they are carnal animals, not men.
  • It stressed the idea of the carnal immortality of the human race.
  • We do not picture the possessor of this carnal mind as in any sense a monster.
  • Courage and endurance are as necessary in social reforms as in carnal battle.
  • I have done no carnal act within the sacred enclosure of the temple!
  • Let no man stir forth with carnal weapons against the foe this day.
  • And linked itself by carnal sensualty To a degenerate and degraded state.
  • It might seem to a carnal observer as though John had lost by his testimony.
  • I need scarcely mention sorcery, Judaism, and certain carnal misdemeanours.
  • My Lord Carnal was never one to let the grass grow beneath his feet.
  • It's no thro' terror of damnation; It's just a carnal inclination.

How To Use Carnal In A Sentence?

  • Between the carnal and the spiritual there must be no compromise and there can be no peace.
  • It gives confidence, but it is rather a carnal confidence than the confidence of faith.
  • The ring has been used not only for carnal and spiritual weddings, but also for commercial ones.
  • But if others sought carnal lust in the cloister Luther led a most rigid and holy life.
  • If a child of God lives a worldly, carnal life it is a denial of the power of the Gospel.
  • He would fain defend Him with carnal weapons, forgetting that His kingdom was not of this world.
  • Knowledge (Mr. Welland said last Saturday) pertains to what can be proven by the carnal senses.
  • And back from Carnal Error looking up Repentant to its Intellectual Throne.
  • That same day I told him a part of my secret, and when my Lord Carnal was come I told him all....
  • No matter how absurd these things may appear to the carnal mind, they must be preached and they must be believed.
  • Mysticism juxtaposes carnal delight in the halls of the Saladein's concubines.
  • I practiced self-denial in almost everything, forcing myself to act directly opposite to the promptings of my carnal mind.
  • Though this is not only true, but a most important truth, it would yet have been well to have obviated the apparent carnal consequences.
  • However spiritual he may have become, there is still enough of the carnal to feel the chills of winter, and the chiller blasts of satire.
  • He who lays aside his carnal lusts and affections, at once and of a certainty becomes equal to Buddha.
  • And the sly carnal wisdom of the advice, no less than the charity which made it practicable, left a good taste in the mouth.
  • We hear of no Christians in the first ages of the church engaged in carnal warfare until we hear of great corruptions in the church.
  • The lowest and most carnal form of sin will enter the spirit, and, dragging it down into partnership in crime, will defile and degrade it.
  • The only way to save her from the lustful designs of some carnal coenobite at Halls, was to have her become a simple and uninteresting sister.
  • I have seen the utter nakedness of the land of carnal professors, and I have obeyed the call to come out from among them and be separate.
  • A place in which souls are, by the Romanists, supposed to be purged from carnal impurities, before they are received into heaven.
  • This they could not endure, as it directly opposed their carnal desires and filled them with malice against the Prince of Peace.
  • The devil influenced them in other curious ways for the greater sensuality and duration in their carnal acts, methods which are now completely extinct.
  • We have in our midst a well-organized body of men who make it their business for money to trade upon and to tempt the lowest and most dangerous forces of our carnal nature.
  • They may be only another form of life, a form that is neither carnal nor immortal, but which has to depend for its existence on a superphysical food.

Definition of Carnal

Relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites. | Worldly or earthly; temporal. | Of or relating to the body or flesh.
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