Carnation In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Carnation | Carnation Sentence

  • But the carnation in the glass was now in full bloom.
  • The large carnation cherries are the best for this purpose.
  • The Clove Carnation is the best of all.
  • The second day he only wore a pink carnation and a grey waistcoat.
  • Of course, I need not say that the carnation I wore was quite fresh.

How To Use Carnation In A Sentence?

  • He took a dark red carnation out of one of the vases and pinned it on to her coat.
  • The Emperor was interested in gardening, and he introduced the carnation into Spain.
  • Long, long may the button-hole of improvidence be filled by the wired carnation of judicious charity.
  • He was dressed in a natty pin stripe suit and he wore a big yellow carnation in the buttonhole, but his sallow face was impassive.
  • Gules a winged chimera argent, the head and breasts carnation (or proper), and the wings and feet of an eagle.
  • It seemes it is in fashion with you to sugar your papers with Carnation phrases, and spangle your speeches with new quodled words.
  • He wore a new suit as well as Maria, only his was gray instead of brown, and he wore a red carnation in his button-hole.
  • While I think of it, I'll draw in a little mite of this red into my carnation pink.
  • Sharp as a wheeling edge of disked, carnation flame, Gem-hard and cutting upward, slowly the round sun came.
  • The boxers of Carnation Hall had worked themselves into a mental condition which I knew was as ridiculous as it was dangerous.

Definition of Carnation

Of a rosy pink or red colour. | (archaic) Of a human flesh color. | (botany) A type of Eurasian plant widely cultivated for its flowers.

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