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  • Des carnations charmantes cachaient les plus tristes maux.
  • Violets, roses, lilacs and carnations came all together in a riotous rush.

How To Use Carnations In A Sentence?

  • She roved about among the walks, picking carnations in one hand and gathering up her habit with the other.
  • The carnations of the painting had withered, but the eyes were still wonderful in their depth and brilliancy of colour.
  • Did he think that his polite readers expected to hear of sweet peas and carnations beautifying the desolate mud-banks?
  • It was easier to eat than to do nothing; and easier to look at her plate than where her carnations gleamed on that white breast-ground.
  • These are engraved with children holding pots of flowers; roses on one side, carnations on the other.
  • He observed that the table was set for two, quite magnificently, with a celery glass containing five red carnations in its center.
  • Black velvet neckbands, powdered curls, and "nosegays" of small pink carnations in lace paper holders quite carried out the lovely effect.
  • Wiseli dreamed that she saw a path before her which was beautiful with roses and carnations on either side, and that the sun was shining pleasantly overhead.
  • One stiff pink rose, one yellow daisy, two bright red carnations and three very stiff green leaves, all made of a sort of oil-cloth paper.
  • Clusters of white Pinks have been no less sweet on the herbaceous borders, and now the Clove Carnations take their place.
  • Hysterical aching in her throat, parched and dry, was almost intolerable, and the swaying carnations so burdened the air that when she rose her head swam.
  • Celia had thrust several of Captain Rayburn's scarlet carnations into her sister's belt, with a result gratifying to more than one pair of eyes.
  • There was, of course, a brilliant display of uniforms and decorations, and against the background of red and white carnations the colour scheme was extraordinarily effective.
  • The reticent colour lingers on sash or ribbon, and beneath the powdered fair hair the rose and cream tints of these pretty mondaines bloom like the petals of carnations against the light.

Definition of Carnations

plural of carnation
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