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  • The liability of common carriers is very important to all who travel or send merchandise.
  • Stage coaches were the common carriers until the railroads entered the city in 1866.
  • A dozen carriers were missing; and their assailants had vanished as mysteriously as they came.
  • They are not made in that way and every shipper knows it, nor are carriers required to heat them.
  • The Bristol letter carriers were not supplied with uniform clothing until 1858.
  • The dolphins, "the arrows of the sea," were the great carriers of ancient times.
  • When a definite contract is made, then the rules of ordinary carriers do not apply. XII.
  • A tariff that will exclude our goods has been established; the only way left to pay is by acting as carriers on the seas!
  • The courts have said that passengers have no right to put such things in their trunks expecting to make carriers pay for them when they are lost.
  • The three-mile trudge had been made in silence, neither of the amateur carriers having breath to spare for talk.
  • It has been learned that small crews only, and large carriers only, can return a decent interest on the investment.
  • Packages are rarely examined and things may be put within, out of sight, of which carriers know nothing.
  • Where a river crossed their path the canoes had been taken away; and at intervals detachments of the carriers fell sick mysteriously.
  • Most of the great commercial nations employ their ships as common carriers for other nations, and limit their exports to manufactures alone.
  • Just now, however, we must have the goods stored, and the little army of carriers paid off and disbanded.
  • All these carriers are required to assist, at stated times, in the sorting of letters, both for the free delivery and for the mails.
  • That hole was made when I first pitted myself against the leopard by shooting one to convince my carriers the thing was mortal.
  • It is in vain to question these ignorant carriers as to their history or origin, for, like the gypsies, they have no traditions and know nothing.
  • During 1911 and 1912 over 3,500 cases of typhoid were reported, of which an appreciable number would become carriers for various periods of time.
  • Seeing that I have toiled mightily seven hours this day in charge of six score crazy carriers to carry water up from the wells!
  • Were this done, the post-office would be preferred, for its greater certainty, even though the carriers would go for a halfpenny.
  • Toward midmorning, the troop carriers which served as school buses in Litchfield arrived, loaded with more workmen.
  • At one time, rules were made, allowing mail carriers to leave the newspaper bags, to be carried along at another time.
  • The body was then borne on the shoulders of the carriers to the museum enclosure which was near by, in front of the Chinili Kiosque.
  • The courts have permitted carriers to thus lessen their liability because they are willing to take goods at lower prices than they would if they were to be responsible for all losses.
  • An express company is a common carrier and is bound by the same rules as other carriers except so far as such rules may be changed by definite contract.
  • One of the principal means of infection is from hairs which fall from the cow into the milk, and many of which are carriers of dangerous micro-organisms.
  • It was stated when considering the rights and duties of common carriers that they have been lessening their liabilities; on the other hand, they are carrying for smaller prices than they once did.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Carriers | Carriers Sentence

  • It was the carriers who went short.
  • Some carriers made it their sole business to carry letters.
  • Well, now be off; the carriers wait without.
  • There were 200 carriers came to Glasgow daily.
  • A party of bombers or carriers of some description passed us.
  • Dark and looming shapes of overland freight carriers filled the parking lot.
  • Why was it that, after drinking at a village well, two of our carriers died?
  • The principal common carriers are railroads, steamboats, and canal companies.
  • My carriers could only be engaged after arriving at Bagamoyo, on the mainland.
  • The two carriers wore red woollen caps, short dark brown cloaks and masks.
  • And there hasn't been a plague on Weald so you people aren't carriers of it.
  • All the carriers dropped Smith's body and bolted in the panic.

Definition of Carriers

plural of carrier
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