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  • The music carries the story well.
  • It carries the biggest bluff on earth.
  • I think the latter carries the day.
  • The prudence of the lady carries the day.
  • That missed your old comrade who carries the gun?
  • He carries the bag, my boy.
  • This carries the idea of control one step farther.
  • One camel carries the felt, the other the wood-work.
  • In his hand he carries the lantern, ready for use.
  • He carries the same "animism" into this also.
  • See that Gedge carries the same weapons.
  • Lieutenant Blum carries the keys.
  • Every steamer, besides the passengers, carries the mails.
  • A branch of the artery that carries the impure blood to the lungs.
  • The first process is the extraction of the juice that carries the sugar.
  • It carries the business man from his country house to his office.
  • What blood vessel carries the blood from the heart over the body?
  • The dogs get no footing and the wind carries the sled where it listeth.
  • The girl carries the headband home and soon finds herself pregnant.
  • He's the man who carries the messages across the border.
  • Whoever carries the carcass of an unclean animal must wash his garments.
  • Another elevator carries the seed up to the "sand screen.
  • In the living-room the deep green of the upholstery carries the strongest note.
  • But a heavy wind often carries the fine dust for hundreds of miles.
  • He carries the world in little, and is a creeping black body of the best.
  • He may indulge occasionally, but he very seldom carries the practice to excess.
  • His bow is in his hand, and he carries the carcass of a boar upon his shoulder.
  • Good speech carries the sound of no man's, of no angel's voice.

How To Use Carries The In A Sentence?

  • Such art as that carries the mind down to the centre of all things from which all good springs.
  • It is a book that carries the reader away from the materialistic to the mystical and spiritual.
  • There must be something between the earth and the sun, which carries the energy.
  • Wherever she goes she carries the magnetic influence of one who lives and thinks on high planes.
  • The one well knows that if it carries the election it will be expected to make its promises good.
  • One carries the light, the other searches; and between them they find treasures.
  • I beg him to believe that the horse carries the rider, and not the rider the horse.
  • But cheeking the police undoubtedly carries the severest penalty; and so it ought.
  • It renders vain all pleasures, and carries the balm of a certain oblivion for all woes.
  • He carries the regular mail and the foreign mail; it is a regular government concern.
  • It reminds me of a drunken gawk, who swaggers along and carries the foolish gewgaw for a show.
  • And the lady is flabby and fat, and carries the weight of a good many years on her back.
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