Cartridge in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cartridge

1. He had not a single cartridge left. 🔊

2. On the bed where he sat were scattered steel cartridge clips. 🔊

3. We have a cartridge in our magazine, but we have the safety catch on. 🔊

4. A cartridge belt around her waist and a six-shooter in her holster! 🔊

5. Empty cartridge cases gave mute evidence of their gallant stand. 🔊

6. The sight of the cartridge justified John's expectations. 🔊

How to use Cartridge in Sentences?

1. Quick as thought he seized the cartridge and carried his burden back to the gun. 🔊

2. Around his waist was a cartridge belt, and two ugly-looking revolvers peeped from his holsters. 🔊

3. If it is above this capacity, cartridge fuses, costing a little more, are required. 🔊

4. Ben Creagan passed behind the bar and handed over a sixshooter and a cartridge belt. 🔊

5. He thrust a cartridge in the fuse setter, twisted it, slammed it in the gun, and fired again. 🔊

6. He jerked open the breech, ejected the cartridge case, and rammed another cartridge home. 🔊

7. He got out the lanyard, slipped a cartridge in the breech, paused, and scratched his head again. 🔊

8. As the echo of the first shot was dying he slipped in a cartridge and sent a second at the same target. 🔊

9. To-day brass wire and the metal of cartridge shells are most commonly employed in making these pipes. 🔊

10. He tripped and fell, one cartridge of the rifle he carried in his hand going off with a murderous report. 🔊

11. A stray shot from the many in the cartridge had scratched the skin upon a vein, and the occasion was serving him well. 🔊

12. They unstrapped those little leather bags round under their cartridge belts and produced in tiny gold nuggets the price of what they had bought. 🔊

13. Fumbling among the numerous objects contained in the suit-case, his fingers encountered at length a cartridge clip. 🔊