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  • You now proceed to carve out the inside.
  • But the difficulty is not to carve quantities of leaves.
  • Why not also carve pegs, and hats upon them?
  • Trades and professions carve their own lines on face and form.
  • He wanted to carve out for himself a place of position and power.
  • Caius did not attempt to carve his inscription on the mutable sandstone.
  • A sculptor was set to work to carve a new one from the ruin.
  • To carve a loin of veal, begin at the smaller end and separate the ribs.
  • He must carve a name for himself among the ranks of the foes of France.
  • And wouldn't I carve my name on your nose, just.
  • I would like to carve a clock-case in a certain design I have in mind.
  • He thinks, "Who will carve on the wall the person I dreamed of?

How To Use Carve In A Sentence?

  • You can carve a nut in a thousand different ways by reason of the hardness of the shell.
  • It is considered an accomplishment for a lady to know how to carve well, at her own table.
  • Then he proceeded to carve the nose; but no sooner had he made it than it began to grow.
  • Just in front of him a butler started to carve a duck with a long, sharp knife.
  • And he was about to carve me piecemeal while I lay bound and helpless before him.
  • No; he was resolved that thenceforward he must rely upon himself, carve out his own destiny.
  • To carve a fillet of veal, begin at the top, and help to the stuffing with each slice.
  • They will put twenty men to work, to carve twenty capitals; and all shall be the same.
  • You could carve him to pieces without hearing a cheep, if he decided to keep his mouth shut.
  • He may have to carve a round of beef for thirty hungry children at a Christmas party.
  • Crescent and street and square I build, Plaster and paint and carve and gild.
  • As for me, I ask no help from any one: I go into the world and will carve out my own way.
  • It soon occurred to him to make an epitaph for her, and carve it in the cliff over which she was thrown.
  • They are such expert anatomists that they can carve a man continuously for hours without touching a vital spot.
  • A great sculptor would carve a statue of him in imperishable marble and it would be set up in the city.
  • Hence the demand arose for such an education as would enable the ordinary man to carve out a political career for himself.
  • Hubert noticed that the place at the head of the table was for him, and he sat down a little embarrassed, to carve a chicken.
  • My lady's vinaigrette carve and gild as you will, but leave untouched my pewter ink-bottle.
  • As soon as he has found food, the savage begins to carve his paddle, and make himself gorgeous with feathers.
  • The inn lays itself out to entertain persons who come in brakes and carve their names on the walls of the Castle keep.
  • You were sorry, because it had cost you a great deal of trouble to cut it, and peel it, and carve a head and your name on it.
  • There is a legend of an artist who long sought for a piece of sandal-wood, out of which to carve a Madonna.
  • How in due season it will carve the frank, open face into wrinkles; how like a knife it will stab the honest heart.
  • Torrents of water in some ages past must have churned furiously, seeking exit through the portal, to carve away the heavy stone in such a manner.
  • He was going to Australia to begin life anew, to carve out his fortune in a strange land, where he was not known.
  • Poor Freyo had but few tools, and those few were very poor; nevertheless, he had skillful fingers and could carve lovely pictures in wood.
  • You may carve it on his tombstone, you may cut it on his card, That a young man married is a young man marred.
  • And I'll carve five hundred dollars off the five thousand too, if you'll raise it within thirty days.

Definition of Carve

(archaic) To cut. | To cut meat in order to serve it. | To shape to sculptural effect; to produce (a work) by cutting, or to cut (a material) into a finished work.
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