Case He In A Sentence

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  • But in this case he is mistaken.
  • In that case he has not understood me.
  • In which case he cannot be a miser.
  • But in this case he rebelled.
  • In either case he wanted it.
  • Although a wolfish case he wears.
  • In that case he is worse off than the careless.
  • And in any case he appeared to be healing.
  • It was a key fact in the case he was investigating.
  • You can see by his face what sort of a case he is!
  • He was greatly interested in the case he was about to see.
  • But in either case he has no reason for discouragement.
  • Crossing to the case he secured another weapon.
  • In any case, he has escaped me.
  • In that case he might count on bagging them both.
  • In that case he might return at night.
  • In any case he could not hope to return that night.
  • In any case, he has no shadow of a right over her.
  • In any case he speedily retired from the new theatre.
  • In either case he would not have found her in the lodge.
  • In either case he is deserving of our deepest pity.
  • In that case he might very well try to kill you too.
  • In any case, he will never be strong again.
  • In that case he could rest and stop worrying.
  • In a certain case he appeared on the wrong side.
  • In any case he must be for the future a marked man.
  • And scissors and needle case he had put inside.
  • He would consider the case, he said.
  • Still, in this case he might have spoken the truth.
  • They merely held ready in case he should make a rush.
  • In that case he can be found, alive or dead.
  • But in any case he would surely know sooner or later.
  • In that case, he would have had his hunt for nothing.
  • This being the case, he had a right to gratify his taste.
  • From a small pocket case he took a spoon and a bottle.

How To Use Case He In A Sentence?

  • Closing the case, he replaced it in his breast-pocket.
  • In any case, he had something else on his mind just now.
  • In that case he may be carried the hull way acrost.
  • Anyway, they were in this case, he moodily assured himself.
  • In any case, he seemed to like me better and better.
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