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  • My own case you suggest?
  • In which case you have my sympathy.
  • In such case you will have to handle her yourself.
  • In any case you are not going to do it.
  • In this case you are entitled to have him moved.
  • In that case you can see better than we can.
  • In that case you got nothing to scare you.
  • In that case you will be called to account over yonder.
  • In that case you must do so-and-so with it.
  • But in case you should succeed, what should we become?
  • She is an exceptional case, you declare.
  • In that case you can put in a charge and a half of powder.
  • If in case you demaunde suche as bee resonable.
  • In either case you wake whenever you pull up or start off.
  • It is in my power to avert that, in case you comply.
  • In another kind of case you can come a little nearer.
  • I merely remind you of this, in case you had forgotten.
  • In any case, you must follow on to my chambers.
  • In any case, you soon learn from experience not to use it.
  • It is bad enough in your case, you deserve to suffer.
  • Do so; and keep a look-out in case you are followed.
  • In case you find the oak is sported, knock.
  • We did not know where to send ... in case you died.
  • That's me, in case you don't know.
  • And, in any case, you have averted two perils.
  • I hope in any case you will come to London.
  • The interfering idea in this case, you say, is the insult.
  • They a'n't no harm in s'posin' a case, you know.
  • In each case you recognised that Mr. Speaker was right.
  • Who am I going to write to in case you go out like Dunbar?
  • And you understand that it is apropos to that case you are threatening.
  • In any case you were the only example of the type available.
  • In that case you will recognize publicly that you were wrong.
  • I have suspicion that the suit-case you have you should get rid of at once.
  • In either case you will wish you hadn't.
  • I wished you to know this in case you were still hankering after it.
  • In case you do not care for a course, you should not refuse it.
  • In any case you have run the worst risk of infection already.
  • And so long as this is the case you belong to the worthless part of mankind.

How To Use Case You In A Sentence?

  • All these restaurants have saloons for private parties in case you require them.
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