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  • Almost everything is cash for us.
  • He paid all down in cash for the title-deeds.
  • Whenever you can, pay cash for what you buy.
  • Sam Cash, for instance, had lost a bloater.
  • When I moved around here, I paid cash for this home.
  • Then both will have to part with cash for my going on the long trail.
  • He who pays cash for all that he purchases, is not poor but well off.
  • You haven't the cash for one thing, dear.
  • No, I'd be off to the diamond fields if I'd the cash for the journey.
  • I'll give you five hundred dollars cash for that strip of land.
  • He talked money--cash--for a good pair of mules.
  • A "GENTLEMAN about town," iz one who pays cash for everything except hiz debts.
  • And barter'd cold Cash for--a Miracle.

How To Use Cash For In A Sentence?

  • What particularly galled him was the fact that he was throwing away good cash for nothing.
  • And if I cannot pay in cash for certain necessary expenses, this marriage must be broken off.
  • The receipts on the same account are: Cash for licenses, sale of rights, etc.
  • He said that you did not know where to turn to raise the cash for the rest of the work we have before us.
  • If they had given you a peerage instead of making you a knight, people might have said you had paid out cash for it.
  • There is four thousand dollars in cash for each of you, and four thousand on a mortgage for each of you at six per cent.
  • She had to recognize the type of awkward shabby visitor who looks like a beggar, but has in his pocket the cash for investment in lots.
  • I have heard my grandfather say that old Peter gave his father a mortgage of this very house and land to raise cash for his silly project.
  • Also, he made him two propositions: he would pay him ten thousand dollars cash for his copyright, or he would pay five per cent.
  • He was not even able to pay Michael the cash for the nightly teapot full of Chianti that Nancy herself now sent out for him regularly.
  • She begs Of Clinia to advance the cash; for which She'll give the girl as an equivalent.
  • Rice cost 400 cash for the same quantity that in a good season can be bought for 60 cash; maize was 300 cash the sheng, whereas the normal price is only 40 cash.
  • You are to go out in person, at night, if you like, to shops where you are not known, pay cash for whatever you want, and carry your purchases home with you.
  • Medical supply officers therefore found it necessary to pay ready cash for merchandise out of their own pocket, and sometimes they had to wait six months for reimbursement from Congress.
  • Gambling and betting had taken his last shilling, and now, supplied with cash for the prosecution of his matrimonial project by one of the money-lending fraternity, he knew what his fate must be should he fail.
  • The only difference between us is that they got cash for their jokes, whereas all the pay I get is the boot and the chance to go yelping down the street with a washboiler tied to my tail.
  • Sim Bone has a roaring shoe business and pays cash for his automobiles, but he has often told me that paying good paper money for advertising would be as wasteful as eating it.
  • So much so that on the morning when he was to draw the cash for the cheque, at the Credit Lyonnais, he had only fifty pounds and some odd silver left.
  • So that one son, by paying half what he had covenanted to pay, and which he could pay, gets a farm equal in value to what his father paid L3000 in hard cash for.
  • There was a regular scale--so much in cash for the murder of a prefect, so much for a deputy.
  • The poor lady was kindness itself, but her kindness embarrassed Von Barwig extremely, for he had never been in a position in his life where he actually needed cash for his daily wants.
  • Now I'll tempt him with a business opportunity--one that he'll have to have cash for.
  • Wanted a million dollars cash for it, tax free, no strings attached, but he wouldn't show us what was in it.
  • I carried my luggage (a big tin box, corded round, which then held books and clothes, and a small black bag), for I could not spare any of my scanty cash for a conveyance or porter.
  • Twenty-five hundred dollars' shortage already, to say nothing of the cash for recent sales, and more, no doubt, to come.
  • Some of the Directors of the P. & W. bought them, themselves, paying out their own hard-earned cash for them; and recouping themselves by accepting pay in installments from the company.
  • To Evan's surprise, mail from the north brought the cheque Penton had promised to hold in the cash for a week.
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