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  • Yet hae nae cash to spare him.
  • So I can get some cash to help out here at home.
  • Leave the cash to us,' they says.
  • That's when I have the cash to pay up.
  • Mr Mark say something about your wanting the cash to buy a new pianner?
  • Here is the 'cash' to bring salve for this good man's wounds.
  • I'm not a millionaire, and I want cash to start out on the long trail.
  • Nominally 1,000 cash to the dollar.]

How To Use Cash To In A Sentence?

  • The sum of one hundred thousand dollars in cash, to be paid to her by my executors.
  • But then he had always been jealous of Hawkesbury since giving up the petty-cash to his charge.
  • Credit is the motive power which induces persons who have cash, to part with some of it to those who have it not.
  • But one thing agreed upon by all professional philanthropists is that you must never hand over any cash to your subject.
  • The sum of six thousand dollars in cash to be paid to her by my executors for the purpose of putting said house in good order and condition.
  • British gold paid out in cash to the dealers in provisions bought full supplies from one of the best markets in America.
  • If one of them dies, it gives the firm the ready cash to buy his interest from the widow, without infringing on the business capital.
  • But the amount of cash to be paid was soon settled, and the Boer's objections died away.
  • He had been treated so well by the "Y" that he wanted his uncle to give all his spare cash to that great organization.
  • Accordingly he instructed his solicitors to realise all the mortgages and railway-stock and other admirable securities in which his money was invested and hand over the cash to him.
  • Fortunately for Evan, however, the manager was feeling better as the holiday neared; he took over the cash to let the teller away.
  • The Government will sell the cotton for cash to foreign buyers, and will thus raise funds amply sufficient, they contend, for all purposes.
  • You see, I lost his other for him, and I had to spend some of my hard-earned cash to get him a new one.
  • Also, they were both getting on very well in their careers, by which is meant that they both had spare cash to rattle in the pockets of their admirably-creased trousers.
  • He undertook for a few copper cash to supply the boy with a new pigtail, and also to attach it to his head in such a manner as would make it appear to be natural.
  • If she shows her face in the ward, seeking 'cash' to keep life in a wretched carcass, this Kwaiba will send her to the jail, to rot as vagrant.
  • He told me that during the first five or six years there were times when neither he nor his wife could mail a letter, because they did not have enough cash to buy one postage stamp.
  • To "Cash" is devoted a great deal too much space; but, of course, if there is sufficient cash to fill it, so much the better.
  • I knew it was hand to mouth with Dudley: he had no cash to call on but the mine output, and immediate payments had to be made on the machinery we were using.
  • To make things worse, the weight of the sheng had been reduced with the times from twelve catties to five catties, and at the same time the relation of cash to silver had fallen from 1640 to 1250 cash the tael.
  • As it happened, I had sufficient ready cash to pay him his wages, with an additional sum to compensate for the brevity of his notice to quit a sorry service.
  • This time he was to take back the money, so they would have the cash to buy out Walleye, the sheepman, who was making a failure of the business and was anxious to quit.
  • He had all his family with him: they were comfortably provided with all necessaries, and, besides, had one thousand pounds, in hard cash, to start with in the new world.
  • In desperation the Hummel interests offered the captain five thousand dollars in cash to disregard his instructions and put into Tampico, but the worthy sea-dog was adamant.
  • Before the present Prefect took office the cash were more debased still, no less than 4000 being then counted as one tael, but the Prefect caused all these cash to be withdrawn from circulation.
  • He explained his business to the sleepy gate boy, who carried the advertisement and the cash to the night city editor's desk.
  • On the contrary, it costs One hundred and five Florins ready Cash, to have One hundred Florins Bank.
  • At the beginning of this fiscal year it seemed likely to your Board of Directors that the Association's investment in government bonds would have to be converted into cash to meet the year's expenses.
  • But let my errand first be told, For bracelets sold to thine this day, So much thou owest me in gold, Hast thou the ready cash to pay?
  • In New York, in London, in Hartford, wherever insurance companies had their home offices, securities were being converted into cash to meet this tremendous demand.
  • If you make the agreement with me, I'll give you a thousand cash to-night before you leave this place, as a sort of retainer and expression of our sincerity.
  • Hence a very large amount of the property of the companies, as well as of plate and other valuables, was seized by these robbers, and the guilds were compelled to redeem their lands and wealth by paying down hard cash to the plunderers.
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