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How To Use Cashmere In A Sentence?

  • She wore a lavender cashmere frock with a broad velvet belt and a lace cap with lavender ribbons.
  • The streets were covered with Cashmere shawls for her father and his attendants to walk on.
  • The materials were dead white cashmere and dull black satin, with a very little lace and jet.
  • He is ten years older in every respect than he was during our Cashmere trip in 1846.
  • A morning shawl of pale blue cashmere flowed over an under-dress of French embroidery.
  • We descend and meet in the Cashmere Bastion, and-are astonished at our rapid success.
  • The Soumac or Cashmere rug calls for no further description than a Cashmere shawl.
  • No profit made its appearance any more than the cashmere with which he had been luring her on for the last six months.
  • They advanced to the Yamuna, and reduced Surashtra (Guzerat) and Cashmere to dependence.
  • Smaller points of white cashmere are sometimes inserted between the deep ones, and similarly decorated.
  • Cimmerian darkness indeed to the old man as he struggled with the moulting swansdown and moth-eaten cashmere she had flung over his head.
  • From Cashmere to Travancore the millions whispered the news to each other with fierce if secret exultation.
  • She was putting on the false front, the horn spectacles, the cashmere shawl, and the leghorn bonnet, with its long veil.
  • She wore a long, gray cashmere dress, slightly open at her throat, with ruffles of soft, real lace.
  • Louisa Alcott can wear her black silk skirt and borrow Queenie's blue cashmere waist.
  • He was immaculately dressed in frock-coat and top hat, gray Cashmere trousers, and white waistcoat to attend with his wife a fashionable reception.
  • In her white cashmere kimono over her gown, with her pale hair unbound, Faith Barton looked like a little white saint.
  • This morning she wore a gown of russet cashmere with here and there knots of dull gold ribbon, which tint formed a pleasing link between the stuff and the color of her clear skin.
  • Cut out a shape in cashmere of the three colors laid one over the other, and button-hole it on with worsted, contrasting the shades in as gay and marked a manner as possible.
  • When he got into his flowered cashmere dressing-gown and put on his slippers and stirred his fire, he sat a long time with his pipe in his hand, forgetting to light it.
  • She had even sold her cashmere in her anxiety to pay off her old debts, as she said; and he was continually giving her money, while she bewitched him and imposed upon him pitilessly.
  • After about ten minutes he got up, and, throwing on an elaborate dressing-gown of silk-embroidered cashmere wool, passed into the onyx-paved bathroom.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cashmere | Cashmere Sentence

  • He's holding her cashmere shawl!
  • You must also buy a yard of silk or cashmere in some pretty color.
  • He stepped forward and grasped her arm, trembling under the cashmere shawl.
  • She went shopping that day, and bought a blazing scarlet cashmere shawl.

Definition of Cashmere

(chiefly uncountable) Fine, downy wool from beneath the outer hair of the Cashmere goat. | (chiefly uncountable) A soft fabric made of this wool. | (countable) A rich kind of shawl made from this wool.
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