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  • Where does the casket stand?
  • In hollow casket from the glaring sun.
  • That casket was the crowning jewel of the testament.
  • She took away only her casket of diamonds.
  • The casket stood upon a couple of chairs.
  • He places the casket in the press and closes the lock.
  • You know, she went from the casket scene to the altar.
  • The cheap, wooden casket cost $150.
  • When I got back to the boat the casket was gone.
  • By the casket I gave you, I beseech you to listen to me!
  • Pog mechanically took up the casket and placed it on his knees.
  • Themistocles set down the casket and carefully drew the tent-flap.
  • She emptied her jewel casket in a glittering heap around it.
  • For me to snatch this casket from its hiding-place was the work of an instant.
  • The place where the ashes lie that wuz once the casket of that brave heart.
  • Forth from his casket came a number of rounded sticks of varying lengths.
  • This casket was wrapped in a scarf, designed to protect the broken cover.
  • Where's the casket plac'd? THAIS.
  • Where's the casket plac'd? THAIS.
  • I told him truly that I had left the casket in the possession of his mother.
  • Hans and I hauled out the heavy casket and placed it on the wing runway.
  • The casket is magic, And in it there lies An enchanted white napkin.

How To Use Casket In A Sentence?

  • What good to grip the casket so close when the jewel it had held for him was gone!
  • He flung the casket upon the table and spread its fateful contents again before him.
  • Bertric had stayed to take the casket of gold from the place in the stern where we had set it.
  • A casket of jewels is but a paltry guerdon for such service, and yet even that is not forthcoming.
  • That fair, spirituelle form had seemed to him only as a beautiful casket hiding a precious gem.
  • When the fish was cut open, a casket was found in it; and in the casket lay a necklace of gold.
  • And later, he knew, all would gather in the room where the casket rested on two chairs.
  • The casket of gold was under the heather pillow of my bed, and I dragged it out.
  • A moment afterward Colomba followed him, carrying a small casket which she set upon the table.
  • This casket was conceded by all connoisseurs in such matters to be the most admirable work of its kind hitherto produced.
  • Shaking her by the arm he continued to admonish her, until picking up the casket she retired into the interior of the villa.
  • All about the casket in high sconces burned tall tapers casting their spectral light over the scene.
  • For a long time he gazed at this casket with sorrowful attention; the sight of it seemed to awaken the most bitter memories.
  • The casket containing the ransom gold would be landed here, and the sack containing me placed in the car and cast loose.
  • The undertaker had mentioned the date to be inscribed on the casket plate, and she recalled her Arctic calendar.
  • My hands went instantly to my waistband; it had been torn open, and the crystal casket that held the blue diamonds abstracted.
  • The next day, when she went with another friend to the same undertaker, the casket which had been $150 cost $175.
  • My window was broken, the cord which had tied Ciacco gnawed through, and both the ape and the casket had disappeared.

Definition of Casket

(poetic, transitive) To put into, or preserve in, a casket. | A little box, e.g. for jewellery. | (Britain) An urn.
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